Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gigi Hadid gets her own Barbie doll - and we want her too!

The latest celebrity - and a top model nonetheless - to get her likeness made as a Barbie doll is none other than the beautiful Gigi Hadid. Both the official Barbie Instagram account as well as the model herself posted a photo of the new doll, to advertise the second collection Gigi is presenting for Tommy Hilfiger. 

There was a selfie of course:

The doll looks a lot like the real thing and I'd love it if she became available to buy. Please Mattel, make it happen! I am sure Gigi would love it too! More images from the Barbie Instagram below:

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  1. Oh how I wish they would make their latest celebrity models available to us! I want the Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, Zendaya and Gabby Douglas dolls so badly!