Thursday, March 10, 2016

Barbie: exhibition dedicated to the iconic doll at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris

The venerable Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is mounting a breathtaking exhibition dedicated to Barbie. 700 dolls in 1,500 square meters along with objects from the museum and art works from contemporary artists that try and present the various aspects of "Barbie's lives". The show opens today and will be on display until the 18th of September. The opening fits right in with the Paris Fashion Doll Festival opening this Friday. The curator  is Anne Monier, conservator at the  department of toys in the museum and the set designer is Nathalie Crinière, who also designed the incredible Le Petit Théâtre Dior exhibition in 2014.

Catwalk set up with Silkstone dolls, evoking both similar set ups from Barbie Collector photo sets and old couture runway shows in France.

The exhibition is geared towards children and adults alike: it showcases both the iconic toy that spans so many generations and also the historical and sociological context of the various incarnations of Barbie. I think a trip to Paris is needed pronto. Check out the gorgeous set ups of the exhibition.

The atmosphere of a private atelier showing is next to the catwalk space above

And the seamstresses of the atelier are also shown on their sewing machines - brilliant!

Modern style display - the flying catwalk

Another aspect of the modern display

Various aspects of Barbie and Ken's incarnations through the years

Glass domes showcasing collectible Barbies. I bet the girl wants to take them all home!

The wall of clothes showcases various Barbie outfits in doll size...

...while life-sized versions of them are also on display

The design process is also displayed in a very interesting way

The boxes that Barbies come in are also given their own space

A display showing the variety of molds, skin tones and hair styles and colours

The much sought after queen incarnations of Barbie - I'm surprised Empress Josephine is missing.

And something more plebeian - a table football with Barbies!

Exhibition photos courtesy of Getty Images

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Release 2016 by Tonner Doll

It seems that the merging of Tonner with One World Doll has put the company on hold, otherwise I cannot explain why the Spring 2016 release consists only of ten items, out of which only eight are dolls (one of them not even a fashion doll). Fashion doll wise there are four Deja Vu dolls, two De De Denton dolls, one Marley Wentworth outfit, one Scarlett O Hara doll and a doll carrying case. I like the De De Denton dolls but not enough to buy them, while the Scarlett doll is interesting but not a must have unless you're a completist. You can order now, some are in stock (see below) and some will be in a month, from Tonner or your favourite dealer.

De De Denton Power Play Dressed doll

  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • DeDe Denton head sculpt
  • 17” Athletic body
  • Bisque skin tone
  • Green painted eyes with applied black eyelashes
  • Mink rooted saran hair
  • Grey knit dress
  • Brown faux leather belt with antiqued “gold” buckle
  • Grey faux fur shawl
  • Antiqued “gold” hoop earrings
  • Natural-colored mesh pantyhose
  • Brown open-toed booties
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $179.99 - in stock

De De Denton Producer's Lunch Dressed doll - Expected to arrive 4/1/2016

  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • DeDe Denton head sculpt
  • 17” Athletic body
  • Bisque skin tone
  • Blue painted eyes with applied black eyelashes
  • Strawberry rooted saran hair
  • Burgundy cowl neck knit dress with 3/4 sleeves
  • Burgundy faux leather jacket
  • Burgundy stretch knit headband
  • Burgundy hoop earrings
  • Black sunglasses with black lenses
  • Burgundy faux leather strappy heels
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $179.99 - pre-order

Marley on the Move - Outfit Only

  • Fits 16" Chic body
  • Cream coloured cotton twill jacket with matching zipper
  • Cream coloured cotton twill skirt with matching zipper and brown faux leather skirt lacing
  • Black cotton t-shirt
  • Pink faux leather purse with gold hardware
  • Multi-coloured brocade booties
  • LE300
  • $99.99 - in stock

Deja Vu - Warrior Woman Dressed doll - Expected to arrive 4/1/16

  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Déjà™ Vu female head sculpt
  • 16 ” Déjà™ Vu body
  • Cameo skin tone
  • Light blue painted eyes
  • Pale blonde rooted saran hair
  • Tan linen dress with “gold” chain maille bodice
  • Off-white crochet lace long vest with brown faux-fur and faux-leather trim
  • Tan pants
  • Brown belt
  • “Gold” helmet with white resin horn accents
  • Brown faux-suede and faux-leather boots
  • Painted brown wood spear with “gold” painted tip and thread decoration
  • Stand
  • LE500
  • $229.99 - pre-order

Deja-Vu Innocence - Expected to arrive 4/1/2016
  • Dressed doll
  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Déjà™ Vu female head sculpt
  • 16 ” Déjà™ Vu body
  • Bisque skin tone
  • Brown painted eyes
  • Light brown rooted saran hair
  • White cotton dress with white striped accents and white lace trim
  • Natural pantyhose with white attached panties
  • Gold-colored chain necklace with gold charm
  • Gold-colored beaded earrings
  • White striped cotton headband with gold decoration
  • Purple chiffon scarf
  • White faux leather shoes
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $179.99 - pre-order

Deja Vu Afternoon Walk Dressed doll - Expected to arrive 4/1/2016

  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Déjà™ Vu female head sculpt
  • 16 ” Déjà™ Vu body
  • Cameo skin tone
  • Violet painted eyes
  • Pale blonde rooted saran hair
  • Gold chiffon dress with gold and purple lace and ribbon
  • Purple shantung coat with purple bow, multi-colored dots and gold lining
  • Natural mesh pantyhose
  • Gold-colored faux pearl earrings
  • Purple, gold and green -  feather, ribbon and flower hair decoration
  • Purple shantung shoes
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $189.99 - pre-order

Deja Vu Penelope's Cover Up Dressed doll - Expected to arrive 4/1/2016

  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Déjà™ Vu female head sculpt
  • 16 ” Déjà™ Vu body
  • Bisque skin tone
  • Blue painted eyes
  • Golden blonde rooted saran hair
  • Faux suede black sleeveless top
  • Grey flannel wool skirt
  • Cream and  burgundy knit & faux suede poncho
  • High black faux suede boots
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $159.99 - pre-order

Gone With The Wind - The Lost Barbeque Dressed Doll

  • Face Includes Hand-Painted Details
  • Fine Quality Vinyl and Hard Plastic
  • Scarlett O'Hara/Vivien Leigh Head Sculpt
  • 16” Tyler Bending Wrist Body
  • Green Painted Eyes
  • Mink Rooted Saran Hair
  • Cameo Skin Tone
  • White Printed Dress with Forest Green Velvet Belt and Bodice Trim with Faux-Coral Decoration
  • Pantyhose
  • White Petticoat
  • White Gloves
  • Brown Ribbon Bracelet with Coral Decoration
  • Faux-Coral Earrings
  • Wide Brimmed Straw Hat with Fern Decoration and Green Satin Strap
  • Green Faux Leather Shoes
  • Stand
  • LE300
  • $214.99 - in stock

Leather Look Carrying Case
Red in color and faux crocodile in texture, this case boasts antiqued gold hardware and an ivory satin interior to safely and stylishly transport your 16” doll. 
$49.00 - in stock

Photos and information © 2016 Tonner Doll®. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Jem And The Holograms doll - and it's Sean Harrison!

W Club members were introduced to a new addition to the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ line, ahead of the general public. Integrity Toys presented Sean Harrison, who, as the story goes, is a multi-talented British mega star and friend of Jem. Seen in some of the most memorable episodes of the hit 80's cartoon JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™, singer, song-writer and actor Sean Harrison was the "on and off again" boyfriend of Holograms band member Kimber Benton. Cute guy but I do not collect this line - wouldn't mind having the watch and the lapel brooch though for my dolls.

Item # 14077
Sean Harrison™
Dressed Fashion Figure
Limited Edition Size: 500
Estimated Ship Date: Should Be Shipping Within a Few Days of Purchase (Pending No US Customs Delays).
Special Pricing: $130.00 US + Shipping, Handling and Tax

Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Callum Windsor
Body Type: FR Homme
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Black
Eyelashes: No

Sean Harrison is a 12.5-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion figure with rooted hair. He is outfitted in one of his key looks from the 80's hit series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™, faithfully recreated by the Integrity Toys design team. Sean also comes with exclusive character specific paper accessories, his wrist-watch, his chain-linked lapel brooch and his stylish penny loafers. A stand is also included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

This offer is a joint IT Direct/W Club offering. This means that W Club members get a special first-priority window to order Sean Harrison. Members of the general public may also get a chance at these figures once the 24-hour W club member-only priority window ends, only if any quantities remain.

How To Order Your Figure? The link for W Club members to order Sean Harrison will go live on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at approximately noon Eastern Time. W Club members will be given a priority window to purchase these collectibles. If any quantities are left-over, the balance will be made available to the general public via Integrity Toys' official Facebook page on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at Noon Eastern.

The price of each Sean Harrison figure will be $130.00 US + shipping and handling (and tax for Maryland residents only) and will be due immediately upon purchase. This figure is scheduled to start shipping approximately in the days following the sale (pending no customs delay). The doll is limited to one per 2016 W Club membership during the priority order window to give a fair chance to a maximum number of fans to gain access to him. Once the W Club priority period is over, if any quantities are left, they will be made available to the general public and you may order more at that time if you wish. NOTE: The ordering link for the general public will be posted on IT's Facebook page if dolls are still available on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at Noon Eastern.

The figure shown in the official product pictures are prototypes. Textures, fabrics and colors may vary slightly on the final production dolls.

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