Monday, December 13, 2010

Tatiana's Doll House: Home Office

This office display is a permanent set-up inside one of the shelves of Tatiana's new bookcases that make up the structure of her black and white doll house (search this blog for more of the rooms). She loves the nice black finish on them and the fact that there are no predrilled holes. Each room is about 17Hx37Wx15D inches.

Tatiana used large wooden shadowbox frames with white coverstock inserted inside for the windows. The middle part is a piece of black on black foamcore that I cut to the size and wedged in between the frames. The fireplace is a wooden Christmas display miniature that Tatiana purchased from City Lights Collectibles online. She could not find it on their website to provide us with the link - looks like they do not carry it any more.Tatiana did not modify the fireplace, it came with nice metal candle holder in copper colour with white wooden candles. On top of the fireplace is a wooden 4x6 inch photo frame with real mirror inserted inside. 

The vase is a playline Barbie accessory that she repainted. The ashtrays are Re-ment, one of them was spray painted silver. The flowers are from the wedding isle of Michael's craft store. The desk is a smaller size shadowbox frame cut with a mitre saw and put together at a 90 degree angle. Computer, phone, I-pod, CDs and printer are Mattel minis. Tatiana repainted the desk lamp and vase. The office chair is from a Barbie playset and she spray painted it black.

The white sofa is a leatherette covered jewelry box that came with two matching pillows. The coffee table is black wooden drawer from Tatiana's jewelry box turned upside down and propped with two wooden mini photo frames. Notebook, portfolio, glasses and remote came with various playsets, coffee cup and saucer are Re-ment. The carpet is a sheet of black craft felt.


 Venus Eugenia is wearing her own outfit with random FR basic pumps, while Most Desired Eugenia is dressed in "Black as Night" blouse and Capri pants.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Janet Jackson is a doll. No, really. A Barbie doll!

Mattel joined forces with Janet Jackson to benefit Project Angel Food. They created a miniature replica of the singer wearing the outfit from her American Idol appearance this year. The doll looks gorgeous and she does look a lot like Janet. She is a one-of-a-kind doll and is currently being auctioned to benefit the charity. If you want to bid, check this link. But what does the designer Jackeline Gonzales have to say about this:

"What’s a doll to do when she’s face-to-face with multi-Grammy award winning artist and actress Janet Jackson? Swoon! That’s exactly what happened when I met Miss Janet, and I’m beyond thrilled to have been involved in look-alike doll project. Inspired by the ultra-glam black gown she wore during her 2010 American Idol performance, I knew we had to recreate that look for her one of a kind doll". 

Mattel Designer Jackeline Gonzalez duplicated the black gown, including the body-hugging cat-suit underneath that she revealed during her second, upbeat performance. Her gown is kissed with bling created by countless hand-placed Swarovski crystals. Even her mic is crystal-studded. Look closely dolls, Janet’s sassy, short hairstyle, unique face and body sculpt and face painting all meticulously duplicate the legendary singer’s features. Divinely Janet includes a certificate of authenticity and a unique display case for your superstar collectible.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 6 - finale

The Saturday night ballroom was dark but festive as guests arrived for the final event of the Dark Romance convention. The centerpiece doll was a FR Monogram doll: Smoldering. The Monogram dolls are very popular with collectors and this centerpiece doll looks very elegant and Haute Couture like all the dolls of this line. I guess most of the attendees wanted the chance to purchase this doll. Also she is the first dark skinned Monogram. I think she looks great.

Then the final piece to the Fashion Royalty Gift Set given to all attendees was given to them. Every convention guest was given a fashion that completed the Agnes Fashion Royalty Gift Set. This completed gift set is called Head for Glamour Agnes Von Weiss and contains a complete mix-and-match set of fashions and accessories. Agnes looks a lot like Dressing The Part Agnes as I said before and is bound to be really popular. A dark haired version of her was given out to all helpers with the workshops - here is a link to a photo of her. Such a nice reward for their efforts.

Jason Wu was the event's guest speaker, announcing his intentions for the FR lines next year. He tried to answer several questions from the audience after his speech and also revealed sneak peek photos of Veronique Perrin, the first ever FR doll (along with Adele) who has been absent from the line's release for quite a while. I saw the photos and I do think she looks really good, hopefully we will see her sometime early next year. Here is a link to a photo from that peek (from Shuga Shug)

After the meal, Jason unveiled the exclusive Dark Romance convention doll which was, contrary to many people's anticipation (but probable since Veronique would not be seen this year) Dark Romance Giselle Diefendorf. Since she was supposedly doing the "fashion show" her big sister was hosting, it was only natural to be presented as the convention doll. She looks fabulous in her gorgeous black frilly gown with beaded bodice, smoky eyes (those grey eyebrows and eye-shadow remind me of Mel Odom's Gene so much).

(Part five will be posted when FR2 info becomes available)

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Jason Wu designs for Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander is not your run of the mill doll company. They have been around since 1923, producing dolls  for collectors and children alike. Their fashion doll collections have never been top of the trade though, mainly due to lack of promoting and too classic styling of dolls and fashions. They have also produced some excellent replicas of movie stars in this line, like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich (which I both own) and also replicas of Audrey Hepburn costumes (yes yes I own two of them as well!) and of course Scarlett O'Hara.

When they announced that a collaboration with Jason Wu, the famous fashion designer and doll designer extraordinaire for Integrity Toys, it fell like a bomb in the fashion doll forums. Everyone was dying to see the end result while FR collectors cried "foul" seeing their beloved designer working outside the confines of the company that nurtured his talent. He first designed some Cissy dolls for  them and then came the main dish: he would re-vamp their 16" fashion doll line, the Alex dolls. With 17 points of articulation they look like a cross between the old Alex dolls and Avantguards. The collection is now online for pre-order so let's see what is the fuss about. All dolls are a Limited Edition of 150 pcs each. If you pre-order now, they are expected to ship in November and December 2010.

First up is 'Mahogany Alex'. She is a completely re-sculpted Alex. She has rooted side-parted auburn hair, "blue eyes dramatically arched eyebrows, gorgeous lips, and lovely lashes" (that is what they say on the site, you cannot see through the sunglasses) She is wearing a khaki-colored twill skirt paired with a nude-colored ruched blouse,has black lace panties and a thigh-length faux-fur coat. Her accessories made of black pleather include full-length gloves, a belt, and a handbag. She is sporting lace-up open-front ankle boots, a five-chain gold necklace with pearls and black beads, a gold bracelet, diamond rondelle earrings with diamond stud posts, and black sunglasses which of course do not let us see how she really looks. Pity.

Next is 'Graphic Content Paris'. Paris is a friend of Alex's. She has dark, olive green eyes and waist length black hair. She wears a hat made of black eyelet that wraps around her head and is finished with a bow on top. Her sleeveless, full-skirted dress of twisted tulle is combined with a fuchsia satin bodice overlaid with a sheer, black velvet windowpane fabric that’s threaded with silver. A fuchsia satin sash at the waist, black lace panties, pink pearl teardrop, with gold studs, earrings, a black clutch detailed with an over-sized bow and flocked turquoise, ‘wrapped to the ankles’ stilettos (which should have been deep purple or lime green to look amazing) that are finished with a bow at the heel, complete her ensemble. She actually looks great and probably is the only one I might have bought if I had a bigger doll budget this year.

The second Alex of the collection is 'Virtually Stunning Alex' . This one is blond with hip-length hair but has locks cropped to frame her face and bangs as well. She is wearing a black outfit with punches of colour: black lace cocktail mini with black bead detail, paired with black fishnet stockings and black pleather handbag. Topping it off is a black straw hat decorated with magenta flowers. Her shoes are gold faux-alligator pumps with metallic-look gold heels. Matching bracelet and earrings complete the ensemble. She looks a bit boring and the "fishnet" stockings personally turns me off.

The second Paris of the collection is 'Going Platinum Paris' She is dressed in a creamy white tulip long skirt with matching sleeveless high-neck bodice. A black satin belt marks her waist, with a hook-and-eye rhinestone closure at back. Around her neck she sports a  ruffle of white pleated crepe and black pleated netting finished with a black organza bow. On her feet she wears open-side black crepe pumps with black platform sole and heel, metallic gold-braid ankle straps ,and gold leather binding at center back of heel. Accessories include white pearl drop earrings with metallic gold studs, two metallic gold chain and white pearl bead bracelets, and a clutch with applied fuchsia fabric flower petals. Classic and elegant.

The Alex Signature Collection is completed with the 'Luxe Finishings' Accessories pack. This is the only item that will be shipped next year.  Included are; a sleeveless, black satin bodysuit, a short, black and white checked, silk skirt, a gold and crystal bracelet with matching tear drop earrings, knee-high, black pleather, high heeled boots, pink pleather, high heeled bootines that feature a cut-out pattern and lace up the front, fuchsia, high heeled bootines that have an open toe and are detailed by a cut-out pattern and black plastic sunglasses. Doll shown is not included - and her legs are so much like the old Alex it looks weird (also notice the different knee articulations, someone is bad at photoshop). This is something that Integrity should have been releasing regularly for their dolls like they did in the past, I think it would be very successful. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 4

Following the Dark Romance theme, Friday night's dinner encouraged guests to dress in their wildest Halloween creations to the theme of "Sea of Blood". As was to be expected, the attendees went all out and the costumes were fantastic as I could see in many flickr posts! Guests entering the ballroom were taken back by how spooky but fabulous the room looked. The centerpiece doll this time was another brand new character created just for this convention! Trapped inside an iron cage that looked like a coffin, Provocatrice Anja (pronounced An-yah) seemed to be reaching out to each guest at the table to release her from her prison (I know everyone would love to do that).

Anja is using the Simi sculpt from the Dark Hunters collection, so everyone who liked that one but did not warm up to a monster doll can enjoy this one. I still think she looks like Veronique. Each guest was given an autographed, special edition hardcover copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest book "No Mercy" with a leather collector's box. They also received a gothic Dark Hunters doll chair.

Attendees were delighted to also receive the doll portion of their convention gift set; a gorgeous Agnes Von Weiss doll. She is platinum and in lovely underwear. She reminds me a lot of Dressing The Part Agnes. A raven one was the gift for those that helped teaching classes in workshops (thanks Uriah and well done!).

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Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 3

The convention second day luncheon had guests privy to another incredible event, this time with Poppy Parker. As I mentioned in the previous post, she has become very popular with collectors and everyone was very pleased to see their favorite girl once again at each of the decorated tables. The centerpiece doll, Shadow of your Smile was a dark version of the Look of Love outfit on a redhead doll. I must say I do prefer this version than the original.

This year again Integrity gave to every attendee their very own Poppy Parker: Tears Go By was part of the event swag, a gorgeous doll who will be, as I read in reports from the show, part of next year's Poppy Parker Collection - I hope so because I really want this one! Actually found out that she is a convention exclusive. 

And here is a close up. As you can see, they have returned to styling the eyes as in the first Poppy Parker collection.

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Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 2

In every Integrity convention there is a special collection made exclusively for it, available for purchase to the attendees. This year the interest was even higher as a new Fashion Royalty line called FR2 would debut. So let us see the dolls from the Dark Romance 2010 convention collection. First up from the new line, Always Polished Dasha FR2 Dressed Doll.

As I could see from photos of attendees posted on flickr (thanks to Shuga Shug, Terri, Juan and Mary T for their posts, tweets and photos that helped me get a great feel of the event), the new line has a body closer to BJD as far as the articulation is concerned. They are more poseable and flexible than the regular line gals, having a feel of the larger Avantguards dolls. Dasha's sculpt looks like a closed mouth Monogram sculpt. Her outfit is reminding me of old Ungaro Couture stuff, especially the print and the drape of the fabric. They said that this line will have characters that do not appear often in the storyline of Fashion Royalty, but more about that at a later post.

Next doll of the convention collection is Fine Romance Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll. She looks very different than previous Eugenia's, her face screening making her looks Frost-y indeed! Classic ball gown as outfit, I love the purple colour. Lovely jewellery again (I like the darkness of them) and small clutch bag as well.

The twins. Lilith and Eden, were very popular ever since appearing at their first convention. Now they have a new sculpt and they come again as a giftset: Wild at Heart Lillith and Eden Gift Set. Now they look more like Colette from their line (Nu Face), that to me means more cartoon-y, which is something I never liked in fashion dolls. The outfits looks interesting but their two-tone hair (and thin ponytail) means no styling flexibility (I wonder how will they look if someone tries to take down that ponytail). I also think that the reddish eyebrows of Eden do not look good with her purple grey eye-shadow but that's just me. I know many collectors loved the duo and the general reaction was very positive.

The name alone conjures up endless possibilities for this doll. But Scarlet Woman Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll leaves me in the cold. The facial screening is too harsh, the hairdo is indifferent, the dress a rehash of Alexander McQueen's last collection and the shoes look like they belong more to a flirty summer outfit than this puffy gown. This kind of dress also need more outré jewellery. Major disappointment for one of my favourite characters.

My other favourite FR character is Kyori. And this version of her was, for me, a major dissapointment as well. Out of the Blue Kyori Sato® Dressed Doll looks more Caucasian than ever, a Kyori so subdued she could be any model out there. Where is the fierce competitor we came to love and cherish? I love the outfit, it looks so nicely tailored and the colour is gorgeous. Her cuffs are the best in the collection but the matching gladiator shoes have been done to death and look boring. Also something more interesting for the head than a net wrap would be ideal - something like a spider perhaps, to keep up with the Halloween theme?

Everyone was expecting the new male character that was scheduled to appear in the collection, as we all knew that Baroness Agnes Von Weiss was invited by him to hold Giselle's show in his castle. So imagine the dissapointmet to see that Night Vision Count Adrian Von Lamberg Dressed Figure is just a rehash of the Asian Takeo Misutani doll sculpt. A blond Takeo that looks more Eurotrash than all of Ibiza can muster in a season. I would have preferred a more mature male doll in his place and more elegantly dressed.

The real star of this collection (and as it seems of the hwole convention as well) was Poppy Parker. Her popularity seems to go up from release to new release and her fans and collectors multiplying. Ask Any Girl Poppy Parker Gift Set  pleased eveyrone and gave us another gorgeous addition to the Poppy roster. You can see her wearing the tweed suit above, and her gorgeous dress with brown details below.

And if that was not enough, she also has a pair of separates! Check them out:

Simply gorgeous!  So what do you think of the convention collection? Did it match your expectations? More dolls to come in the next posts.

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Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 1

Every year Integrity Toys and Jason Wu hold an event for their dedicated collectors of fashion dolls. This year was not exception. The convention took place in Pittsburgh again  from the 28th till the 30th of October! The title of this year's event was Dark Romance and of course it fit perfectly with Halloween. 

As the doors opened for the first official event on Thursday night, guests walked into a ballroom that definitely was one made up for a Halloween event. Each guest found the first part of the doll gift set they would be building up like last year, a gorgeous fashion, waiting for them as they sat down.  Another gift for all attendees was a fabulous new Fashion Royalty doll named Hourglass Kesenia. The new FR character is one of Baroness Agnes' (who is supposedly the host of the event) models. So here she is:

Kesenia is based on one of the face moulds (The Contessa) for the Brides Of Dracula series of dolls made by IT for Ashton Drake. Here is a close up:

The Thursday night dinner centerpiece was a huge crowd favorite, Dania Zarr as Smoke Screen. She was standing on a web-like structure with a dead fashion victim skeleton caught up in it - great idea. Here is the doll, which looks a lot like last year's Silver Zinger Agnes.

Dania looks great and I am sure she will be much sought after by collectors. I love her screening and the outfit looks great too. The jewellery is gorgeous although she could have had a bracelet as well. As far as I can see the shoes are great too! More dolls from the convention on the next post.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lula Cioccolato in Milan for Salone del Mobile - 50's dollhouse kitchen

Wallpaper magazine posted on their website about the special project of the incredible Lula Cioccolato chocolaterie in Milan. It is the Salone Del Mobile (Furniture Fair) in Milan, the biggest design event of the year, and every shop in the city of course is tuned to this mega-event. So this chocolate shop displays some of their products into this amazing vintage 50's kitchen. Even the packaging is influenced by that era. Check the article here.

Photo courtesy of Wallpaper magazine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern miniature furniture in New York Times

For all of you who, like me, love to look at (or even aquire) modern furniture for their dolls, here is an article in the New York Times about them. I resent the implication that people who collect stuff like that are eccentric and weird - it is the only thing that marred this article for me. I would love to have some of that stufff to photograph my dolls with. They have a nice slideshow too.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tatiana's Doll House: The Bedroom

In the third instalment for Tatiana's doll house, I have the bedroom! Every house needs a nice looking bedroom to rest and relax and Tatiana's is no exception! Of course it is always in the style laid out for the rest of the house - black & white.

The bed and bedding are from the Fashion Royalty Loft collection furniture. This line of furniture was a hit with collectors and most items are very sought after. The bedside tables, trays, striped vases and lamps are from the Jonathan Adler Barbies.

Tatiana repainted lamp bases and trays that were originally hot pink (Barbie anyone?). The bench and vanity table are solid wood shadowbox frames cut with a miter saw - I can see she uses shadowbox frames a lot for making benches or side tables. For the vanity top she inserted a real mirror in the small wooden photo frame.

The Panton miniature chairs came with the Dynamite Girls convention chair pack given to the attendees of 2008 FR Convention. Integrity also sold a pack of chairs in an assortment of colours. The curtains are table napkins. 

The closet door is from Barbie House by Mattel. The hinges were broken by Tatiana's girls beyond repair, so she just cut them off and the closet was born! The fluffy white carpet is a piece of craft fur. The white vases, telephone and basket came with various Mattel play-sets, which Tatiana then repainted. The silver tea set is Re-ment and the tea tray was just a purple no-name doll accessory. 

The wine bucket and bottle are Gloria, the glasses are from a Fashion Royalty convention accessory pack. The small silver cushions came with a jewellery box that looks like a mini sofa - these are easy to find in accessory shops in various styles and colours.
I hope you enjoyed this month's room from Tatiana - back next month with another beautifully decorated room in black & white!