Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FR Nippon Gothic Dream collection

Integrity Toys have a special outlet in Japan for their Fashion Royalty line called FR Nippon. As the tastes of the Japanese public are much different then their American counterparts, the dolls sold through FR Nippon are quite different both as dolls but also as outfits, from the main FR line.The FR line there is called Misaki. There are three characters, all looking very much like having stepped out of a modern manga or anime. They have bodies that look like the Nu Model line of Fashion Royalty, with different feet (flat) and hands. In total, they look more cartoony and cute than their vampy American colleagues.

The new line released for fall is inspired by Halloween. It is called Gothic Dream and consists of five dressed dolls, two of them special exclusives for Amazon.jp. I do not have full bodied photographs of the exclusives, Red Rabbit & Paranormal Willow, but Fashion Royalty send me photos of the other dressed dolls, so here they are:

First we have The Outsider - a dressed doll with an androgynous look, with an outfit inspired by school uniforms - but probably from a school with Bela Lugosi as a headmaster. Love the coat.

Then it's up to Pure Evil, a doll dressed in an all-white suit that looks partly inspired by Marlene Dietrich - a witch in the cabaret! Probably the best looking doll in the series. Amazing coat and the baton is a great accessory - I hope it is included.

Witchie Witch has a fitting name - the cutest witch this side of the Pacific! If the broomstick is included, it will be a treat. I love the purple dress and the fluffy curly hair!

All pictures are copyrighted by Integrity Toys and FR Nippon. They are not to be used for any commercial purposes such as ebay or to sell any of the dolls. I am not affiliated in any way with Integrity Toys or FR Nippon.


  1. Red Rabbit & Paranormal Willow are not outfits but will be Amazon.jp exclusives.

  2. Thanks Sharon! Just corrected the post!

  3. Hi Terri, according to the official site, they only said Paranormal Willow is an Amazon.jp exclusive, but nothing mentioned about Red Rabbit. So I think she will be another store exclusive.

    By the way, here are some real photos of them taken in dollshow23
    The last 2 pics is a friend doll of Misaki called "Amelie".

  4. Your a bit misinformed about Misaki. She is not the "japanese equivelent" of Fashion royalty, but another line all together. FR IS avaliable in Japan. And they actually dont look like they are from an anime or manga. Google those two words and you will see what I mean.

  5. I never mention anything about Japanese equivalent in the post. I clearly state in the first line that it is the Integrity Japanese line.

    So big eyes, cute faces, funky hairdos and schoolgirl looks aren't manga style eh? Must be reading some different books where you live. Thanks for taking the time to comment though.