Monday, September 15, 2008

Agnes Von Weiss wearing Dressmaker Details Couture

Some time ago, back in 2007, Dressmaker Details Couture released a lovely giftset exclusively through Mary T's Dollhouse on-line shop. It was called Twinkle Tweed and was comprised of three different outfits made up of interchangable seperates. I have already photographed two of them on Kyori and Vanessa, so here is the third outfit on High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss.

The outfit is made of two pieces, a halter neck blouse and a tulle skirt. The blouse is black knit with silver thread ("twinkle"), has a cowl neck and looks lovel accesorized with the black thread and pearls long necklace included in the outfit's accessories. It will also look great with the other skirts of the giftset (it comes actually threaded through the decolletage, but you can pick it off easily).The full skirt is made of synthetic black satin with tiers of black tulle sewn on it. The tulle has many silver paillettes sewn on it, making the skirt sparkle. It looks very fifties, especially with the black simple clutch bag and pumps that come in the giftset. The elegant gloves complete the chic image of Agnes. Black and white earrings set off her pale complexion to perfection.

The outfit is not lined, so I would advise you to be carefull with it for staining, although my Agnes did not have any problems with it as long as she had it on. The quality of the work is excellent with lots of attention to details, although it would have been perfect if it was lined and if the skirt fabric did not feel so much plastic as it does.

And of course Agnes could not be long without a Vogue cover, I think she really deserves this!

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