Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Katy Perry is a doll! Honest!

Integrity Toys and Jason Wu are once again collaborating with Capitol Records rock/pop phenomenon Katy Perry! Remember that Fashion Royalty dolls (Ayumi from Nu Face line) starred with Katy in her ironic video "Ur So Gay" (check it below) earlier this year and now Jason Wu has created a doll in Katy's likeness.

The 12 inch-tall Katy Perry doll uses the standard Fashion Royalty body. It will be sold through Integrity Toys Direct. The doll, which will retail (currently sold out on pre-orders but there is a form for availability information in the official page) for $49.99 (plus shipping/handling/tax) is immediately recognizable as a signature fashion look, featuring Katy's belted gold mini dress with accordion-pleated skirt, inspired by the wildly popular and 5 times MTV VMA nominated "I Kissed A Girl" video clip, below.

Katy Perry has her own blog and also an official site (Warning- LOUD music).


  1. Hi Stratos:
    Are you going to get her?

  2. Hi Terri, she's sold out and I am broke, so it seems I'm not anywhere near getting her!

  3. Your blog is wonderful. Kate Perry will be performing at a benefit in Toronto called Fashion Cares 1 Nov/08. I don't know if they'll have any dolls.....maybe.

  4. H Stratos! Love your blog!
    I'm isidora from Athens , i collect and customise 1/6 fashion and action dolls since 2001.
    Do you know any other doll collectors in Greece?

  5. @jacqueline: Thanks!

    @isis6: Hi Isidora and welcome to the blog! I think there is one more lady in Athens, she is a foreigner but lives here the last year. Keep in touch!