Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Discreet can a Monogram be?

This is one of the Monogram dolls that was announced at the beginning of the year, along with Magnificent and an accessory set. She was so beautiful (plus a skin-tone I did not have in the Monogram sculpt) so I decided to get her. It has been a while since this photo shoot but I just now managed to write the post about her. I present to you, without further ado, Monogram Discreet.

She is considered a basic doll in the Monogram line. That is the reason her outfit is minimal. As a sister doll to Disclosure (out in 2010), a very popular Monogram, she has the same belted bodysuit, only now in tan instead of black. It is one that probably can be worn under a skirt or pants and look like a ruffled top. It comes along with stockings that give the doll a sultry, screen siren look.

Her hair is long, gathered in a tight low ponytail. There is a side-part, with a shorter section of the hair framing her face. Her make up is very good: golden tan eye-shadow, pronounced eye-liner, warm lips and a blush that gives her a glowing look. Pity her head vinyl colour does not match her body vinyl colour perfectly, a problem that many dolls have, even in more expensive lines.

The fishnet stockings are worn with suspenders and a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals with a criss-cross at the front, very classic and used style, looking good nonetheless. Her earrings are simple black studs on "golden" posts.

I put her in another outfit, one that you probably have seen before in this blog, as it is a favourite - a Silkstone Happy Go Lightly Barbie short, 60's style dress. She fits it to a T (her breasts being smaller than the normal Fashion Royalty dolls) and I am definitely doing another shoot with her in more sultry evening gowns as soon as I can. I am very happy with this doll!