Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's shaking! Youthquake Poppy Parker rocks the house!

As you might have gathered from previous posts, I adore the Poppy Parker doll line from Integrity Toys. The doll reminds me of Jean Shrimpton, the famous 60's model and it gives me an opportunity to revisit that era's style and glamour, while having a slight connection to the Mad Men alluring ladies as well. When I first saw Youthquake Poppy Parker at the on-line presentation of Integrity doll lines, I knew she was the one doll from that line coming home. 

Being in Greece means that I get my dolls much later than most of the other collectors do, so I see actual photos of the dolls on other blogs and forums before they arrive to me. Imagine my surprise seeing that the actual Youthquake production doll's hair do had nothing to do with how she was presented to us way back in February.

As you can see in my photos, the Poppy that arrived to collectors had her hair gather snugly at the back, curled up, with a transparent elastic band keeping it in place. I do like this hairdo but it is not the doll I saw and fell in love with earlier this year. Beautiful, yes. But different. Should I sent her back? I think one would have been entitled to do so, and ask for their money back too - it is not a slightly different hairdo (and hair colour) but something else all together. Even so, giving her back would mean no Youthquake Poppy for me as there was not a replacement. I let the doll on my desk for quite a while, until I made up my mind.

Seeing the doll, I kept telling myself "she reminds me of someone" but I could not quite put my finger on it. The prototype was pure Shrimpton for me but this one was someone else. And then it hit me: "A young Joan Holloway!" (for those who do not watch TV, she's a character from Mad Men played by Christina Hendricks). Minus the breasts though. And that was it - I decided to keep her.

The doll is actually very beautiful and she is the first red head Poppy I own (the others are blonde, raven, brunette) and her make up compliments her hair colour quite nicely. I must say that this red is actually better than the prototype doll's colour, which was a lighter shade. Pale pink lips and a touch of yellow eye shadow (the actual colour on her eyelids is much paler than it photographs) with a nice blush on her cheeks fit her to a T.

Her outfit is quite funky: she is wearing a knit turtle-neck under a one-strap jumper dress that fastens around the neck. The black and camel colour combination looks great. The dress is not perfectly made though - there are some problems with the sewing on the strap and also at the back closure of the skirt. Fishnet tights compliment the outfit, along with a pair of ballet flats with bows.

I have some Barbie Fashion Model Collection outfits (for Silkstone dolls) for years and most of them still in their boxes. I wanted to put Poppy into one for quite a while and this time I decided to just go ahead and do it. The one I picked is True Brit: trench-coat, scarf, boots, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, bag, newspaper, passport, wallet and a Yorkie (Miss Honey) on a leash with her own food bowl! I thought her complexion and hair colour would compliment the outfit perfectly.

I think she looks great in it. I know I should have fastened her belt tighter but  I was afraid I would destroy the lovely tied knot at the front (and my big fingers are no use for this kind of work). I left her own turtle-neck and tights on to give her a beatnik edge. Miss Honey was really happy too!

Here she is without the glasses. The boots slid one quite easily - her ankles are articulated so they adopted to the Silkstone shoes quite nicely. They are slit at the back so they were easy to put on. 

She looks ready to step out in the rain! I love how the hat looks on her with this hairdo and hair colour - the green tartan contrasts the red hair so nicely!

I finally decided to let her hair down, remove the elastic band and comb it out. A transformation I did not expect! I like the fact that they can be styled in may different ways but it will probably take some time and lots of styling spray! She's definitely a keeper!

The chair shown is Integrity Toys from The Dynamite Girls collection.

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