Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jem & The Holograms by Hasbro and Integrity Toys - Update!

Today Integrity Toys release more information for JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Special Edition Doll HOLLYWOOD JEM™, as the buzz generated on the web since the announcement of the new Integrity Toys/Hasbro collaboration was huge. Theannouncement generated lots of questions  about future plans for the brands and about the Special Edition: HOLLYWOOD JEM doll herself, so the W Club went to the source and asked the designers for a little more information.

This line has been created by the Integrity Toys design team in close collaboration with Hasbro and is destined to adult fans and collectors of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. It is not intended to be "play line", it is a high-end collectible just like Poppy Parker or Fashion Royalty. The dolls feature a brand new body sculpt seen for the first time on this new line. The new body has slightly larger feet and newly sculpted interchangeable hands, which are more in proportions and will allow the characters to hold accessories better and more realistically. The dolls will be able to share clothes with many other Integrity Toys dolls, but the shoes will be unique to this new body only.

The earrings on HOLLYWOOD JEM do not light up like they did on the vintage Jem dolls from the 80's. This was done to make the earrings look more like they did in the cartoon, but they are chrome plated in red for that extra burst of sparkle. The outfits are faithfully reproduced from looks seen in both the TV show and the toy line and are ultra detailed, just like any other Integrity Toys collectibles. Each doll in the collection will feature ultra detailed accessories, musical instruments, etc. including tiny miniature amp cables for the instruments and microphones that can be connected to the doll stand for better display possibilities and added realism.

Designed to be reminiscent of the vintage oval doll stands, the new doll stand created just for the JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS collection will work in two modes, both "saddle style" and "underarm style". Interchangeable connector parts will be included with each doll. The packaging was especially designed to keep a retro look, while being modern and more "collectible". Each characters will come with special mementos. For example, HOLLYWOOD JEM includes a miniature reproduction of the original Jem poster and a doll sized "Boulevard of Fame" star frame, which Jem received in the original "HOLLYWOOD JEM" episodes for her work on the movie "Starbright".

People on the design team of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS are serious fans, so you can expect some cool surprises with every new doll in the line, they even created an instruction sheet printed in purple, in the same style as the vintage dolls - that's attention to details! Information about the next characters in the line, edition sizes and distribution details will be released in the near future. The Special Edition: HOLLYWOOD JEM Doll JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS COLLECTION is debuting at the San Diego Comic Con International 2012 as an Exclusive with a suggested retail price of $125.00 US  It will be available from Hasbro Toy Shop at booth # 3329.

If you want to find out more about this truly outrageous collaboration between Hasbro and Integrity Toys, the IT marketing team and Haute Doll have collaborated together to bring you the first ever SDCC exclusive cover variant of Haute Doll magazine, only available at the show itself for free in the Hasbro booth, #3329.

So lots more information about the new line of dolls. I wonder if this new body will make its way into their fashion doll lines. I love the poseability it shows. What do you think?


  1. Hello from Spain: thank you for sharing all this new information about this new collection of dolls. I also hope that this company manufactures a line of clothing and fashion accessories. Keep in touch

  2. Very impressed by the New Jem and the Holograms Collectables, however, they are not available anywhere in Australia, hence they suck big time !!!!

    1. I agree, it's not great that this Integrity Toys/Hasbro Jem & The Holograms collection is not available in Australia. As an Aussie & an ardent Jem fan, I'm most annoyed about that. Having said that though, all the dolls that have been produced to date are exquisite...I just wish we Aussies didn't have to end up paying twice as much as everyone else. The shipping price alone, not to mention the exchange rate means we always pay more in order to satisfy our fan passions.