Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Premiere: Integrity Toys 2013 Convention - Day III

Third and final day of the convention is Saturday. The W Club luncheon which is always on that day was dedicated to Victoire Roux. There was a centerpiece doll on each table and a fashion as a gift to each member. A new Victoire called Evening in Montreal is being released this winter. Chris Stoeckel was there to inform members of Victoire future releases and answer questions.

Item # 76010
Story Of My Life
Victoire Roux™
Dressed Doll 
2013 Convention Exclusive

A lovely Victoire with a dress that has a style very popular in the 50's but also it has appeared in the convention this year in various incarnations. Great colouring too.

Item # 76011
Night at Ciro's
Victoire Roux™
Fashion 2013 Convention Exclusive

I like the fashion a lot (although the accessories are basic) but would have preferred it with a long skirt. I will say this again, no bags for any of the dolls in this convention, which is a bit weird. 

The final event is always the most anticipated of the conventions, as it includes the reveal of the convention doll. Everybody must have been thrilled to find out that the centerpiece doll of the evening was Vanessa, wearing a Jason Wu creation!

Item # 91333
Black Orchid
Vanessa Perrin™
Dressed Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive Centerpiece

An amazing version of Vanessa (she's definitely the 3.0 sculpt, although many people see the 1.0). The fashion looks gorgeous, although I do not know how the "leather" feels to touch. The jewellery is lovely as is the pair of strappy sandals.

Each attendant received an accessory pack (including a long skirt) for the blonde Monogram doll they had received as a gift upon registration.

Item # 93033
FR: Monogram™
Accessory Pack
2013 Convention Exclusive Giveaway

The winners of this year's competition were announced (and raffle winners got their loot too!). The winner of the advanced level competition, Lisa Ramsammy, was presented with a golden trophy and will have her fashion produced in next year's collection. Congratulations to Lisa - here is a photo of the fashion:

And finally, here is the convention doll that was given to all attendees: a gorgeous Elise wearing a Jason Wu fashion! The famous designer said this one is a favourite fashion of his. The recreation in doll size looks incredible, and from what I have seen of the original fashion, it is very faithful to it.

Item # 91334
Midnight Star
Elise Jolie
Dressed Doll 
2013 Official Convention Doll

Such a fascinating doll! I am probably one of a handful of people that still do not own this sculpt, and if it keeps getting released in events and lotteries, I never will (sigh). I must say that this year's convention dolls were infinitely better than last year's collection and will definitely be very coveted.

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