Friday, November 1, 2013

The Premiere: Integrity Convention 2013 - Day I

The annual Integrity Toys convention is always a major event both for the company and the many fashion doll collectors that covet the exclusive dolls presented during the proceedings. It is also the moment of the year when important announcements are made for the company's future collections. The first day was Thursday, 31st of October, Halloween! Let's see what happened over in Los Angeles, where the event takes place this year. It is called The Premiere, probably because the new FR doll body is officially premièring in this collection (it unnoficially made its début with the exclusive FR2 Purity Dasha doll). It also celebrates ten years of annual conventions, making it even more special.

First thing to do when attending a convention is, of course, registering! Each guest received a welcome swag bag that contained a welcome envelope, a copy of the latest DOLLS Magazine and as is the norm these past few years, a doll: this time it was an FR:Monogram doll which will probably become a giftset with various outfits and accessories given throughout the duration of the convention. She is a lovely Monogram and one of the last released as the line will be discontinued.

Item # 93032
FR: Monogram™
Welcome Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive

Although the workshops that are part of the convention are starting on Friday, the attendees received their kits upon registration - more dolls!

Item # 76012
Victorious Glamour 
Victoire Roux™
Workshop Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive

Another beautiful Victoire, fpr me one of the best released so far. She has a dress too, although usually the workshop dolls come nude.

Item # PP058
Poppy's Makeup Makeover
Poppy Parker™ 
Workshop Doll
2013 Convention Collection Exclusive

This Poppy is ready for her make up session! Simple yet lovely. Workshop Poppy dolls are usually extremely popular.

Item # 93034
Shining Star
FR: Monogram™
Workshop Doll 
2013 Convention Exclusive

Another Monogram doll! They might be discontinued but they will go out with a bang. She's very beautiful and makes me wonder why the last couple of years of this line did not have dolls like this in their collections. Sigh.

Item # 91314A
W Cosmetics Hair Care
Fashion Royalty®
Workshop Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive

This is an Elise doll, one of the best Elise releases I have seen. She has the new FR2 body like Purity Dasha and the rest of the FR convention collection. Wish I could get this one but it will definitely have a forbidding price on the secondary market.

The evening had an event scheduled in the ballroom and attendees could wear their Halloween costume! There was a costume parade so that everyone could admire the effort and imagination of the costumed members! People who had attended all ten conventions got a silver trophy from Integrity as a memento. Of course there was a centerpiece doll for the event, and this was none other than...

Item # 91329
After Tonight
Eugenia Perrin-Frost™
Dressed Doll 
2013 Convention Exclusive Centerpiece

She's breathtakingly beautiful and very retro looking. With the grey brows, she reminds me of Gene Marshall. Pity the full skirt hides the pink booties! The centerpiece dolls are raffled to their respective tables so there were some really happy people coming out of that ballroom! But everyone got a doll: there was one as a give away and it was...

Item # 91330
Agnes Von Weiss™
Dressed Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive Giveaway

A tan Agnes is surely a great way to end the first day of the convention. Which also included the presentation of the convention collection, coming up in the next post.

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  1. Sorry for a probably stupid question, but could you possibly tell me what exactly is a workshop doll? I am new to collecting. Thank you in advance!

    1. Dear Alice: many conventions hold workshops about various subjects that could be of interest to doll collectors, for example how to make hair dos for your doll. So a workshop doll is the one given to the people participating in that particular workshop, to practise their skills during the worksop. They can of course not do that and keep the doll as is.