Thursday, September 18, 2014

There's a Moschino Barbie in Milan and she's not for sale!

It seems Moschino - or more appropriately, its designer, Jeremy Scott - found a way to outmanoeuvre even emperor Karl. They have a Barbie doll too - but this one is not for sale like the one made in the likeness of Lagerfeld. Instead, she comes dressed in one of the brand's outfits from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which of course was inspired by Barbie in the 1980s. Even the box fits the era to a T. 

All models had huge wigs styled like Barbie's hair and all styling and make up was coordinated to match. Half of the collection is in Barbie pink and the rest plays with 80s shades of purple, aqua blue, yellow and green. Guests were even given human sized Barbie combs and mirrors.

There were reports that people in the back rows were mildly disappointed (to put it lightly) not to get one of the dolls - and even of a little girl crying because she could not get one. What was a little girl doing in a fashion show anyway? And why didn't any front row guest politely give her their's?

The last time Barbie took Milan by storm was back in 2009: she was the main inspiration for Kartell's shop windows in Milan - complete with the doll boxes and even Barbie dolls in the displays. Photos of Kartell from Flickr.


  1. So. COOL! I love those window displays!

  2. The shop windows are beautiful. Moschino Barbie looks fabulous, I would love to have one! I'm so glad Barbie is so popular, she's still my number one :-). Thank you for sharing this!!!

  3. Fun show! He said his favorite Barbie is the Superstar version, so the line represents it. I'm always curious about the back story, and how Moschino and Mattel worked together to make the concept a reality.