Monday, September 22, 2014

Third strike: Dolce & Gabbana feature dolls in their Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show

It seems fashion dolls finally hit their stride with the catwalk. After the Lagerfeld Barbie, soon to be unleashed to the world (or more precisely to the very few lucky people who can get her) during Paris fashion week beginning immediately, and Moschino's all out fun Barbie extravaganza, along comes that incredible Italian duo, Dolce & Gabbana, and feature dolls in their Spring Summer 2015 fashion show in Milan.

The dolls were in bag-like boxes with a clear front, dressed in the same outfit the model carrying them was wearing. Detailed accessories were completing the outfits. The dolls look like archetypal Dolce & Gabbana women, more Mediterranean than fashion like. I would love to have them for the accessories and the outfits as well as duplicates to keep for display.

This Dolce & Gabbana collection had Spain as the main inspiration, so all outfits and accessories drew heavily on the rich cultural and historical treasures of the Iberian peninsula. Combined with a strong theme of catholic church artifacts incorporated into accessories like bags and shoes, it made for a very strong show. Red of course was the dominant colour, combined with lots of black.

I would love to have some of these outfits translated to doll size, along with some of the intricate accessories. The bags alone were more than 10 different designs.

The Guardian reported that Vogue's Editor In Chief Anna Wintour "grinned broadly when models marched down the catwalk holding fashion dolls in perspex boxes. Dressed in typically Dolce & Gabbana black, tailored skirt suits with widow's veils and crucifix necklaces, the toys, said Gabbana, were "ironic and funny", inspired by princess dolls in the Disney store and those sold at train stations in 1950s Italy".

Below is the video of the entire runway show - you can see the dolls in their bags too.

Photos: Yannis Vlamos / from


  1. Thank you so much for that fashion show!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. una idea fantastica , me encanta la idea



  3. Such a creative idea and I loved the packaging! So detailed and gorgeous~!

  4. Such a brilliant marketing idea! Collectors would be clamoring to add these very different looking dolls to their displays.