Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Holidays from Superdoll - with four outfits fit for celebrating!

Superdoll have four new outfits available for Sybarite dolls, holiday themed, just in time for the season's festivities. If you buy them all together, you even get a discount. You can shop here. They are all heavily decorated and frilly. I think my favourite one is Emerald Oyster but if Bitter Pill had no beading, I'd go with that one. 

ETIOLE SYB/770 Price: £120.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

I'm guessing this should have been named Etoile (star in French). A column of black guipure lace lined in nude. The hemline and décolletage have an intricate border design in the "classic" Superdoll temple design. Upon this column is a large star of baguette and pin-dot "diamonds" which holds yet releases a huge flowing train of black organza. Accessories include beaded spiderette neck-piece, hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

DREAMSCAPE SYB/768 Price: £120.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Lined in old rose pink, this voluminous gown of iridescent sequin has a side bust, with a swirl of pale organza swooping and rolling asymmetrically down the gown to the hemline. This burst of organza is held in place with a multitude of corded vines & poinsettia contrasting rose. Atop each "bloom" sits a tiny pile of sequins, pearls and diamanté. Accessories include a Superdoll "classic" headpiece, hose and slip-on towering perspex heels.

EMERALD OYSTER SYB/769 Price: £120.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Lined in nude, this is a flowering leatherette big statement of a gown. It has a straight neck satin bodice on mini corded straps adorned in "diamonds" & "emeralds", that give the illusion of a Superdoll staple, the reverse neck. To further trick the eye, the under-bust of this gown is set with a guipure lace motif adorned with further "emeralds". Accessories include opera length gloves, hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

BITTER PILL SYB/767 Price: £140.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Organza cascading and undulating around a column. The bodice and underskirt are accent by a hot pink satin bow at the waist which convulses into the most dramatic of overskirts. It mixes everything from gleaming turquoise to unusually hot pink accent matte "pearls". Accessories include classic Superdoll gold leaf plume and bow headpiece, hose and slip on towering perspex heels.

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  1. These releases are gorgeous! Buying all four would be wonderful, but between all of the new doll releases in the last few months and buying Christmas presents for others, that just doesn't work. :-) I selected Bitter Pill as my one purchase because it just "pops" for me as I already have my fair share of black gowns and wasn't sure how the large flowers on Dreamscape would look in person on a doll. Can't wait to receive the dress!