Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tyler Wentworth's 15th anniversary

My own Signature Style Tyler Wentworth, dressed in a Gene Marshall outfit.
Photo by Stratos Bacalis

Dressed to the nines. As Tyler Wentworth should always be. Ready to celebrate her 15th anniversary. as dear Tommy Courtney (who spend a decade with her, making her look glamorous and fantastic through his photographs for Tonner Doll) kindly reminds us in his lovely commemorative article. On the 14th of December 1999, the first Tyler Wentworth dolls shipped to retailers. And thus begun a dream story, with a core idea so simple, yet so powerful: The power of play.

A version of Tyler that became a classic throughout her career - and embodied her "life" and story more than any other is the Signature Style Tyler. The first one, in 1999 (above), had some problems at first, but quickly became the darling of collectors. And while the doll progressed through the years. the style became a staple that kept on being re-released as a basic dressed doll version of Tyler - and a great entry doll for those seeking to discover Tyler's world. Fashion designer extraordinaire. She even got her own design desk and atelier accessories. I hope I will be able to find a set one day for my signature style Tyler. Yes, my one and only Tyler Wentworth doll is a BW (bending wrist) Signature Style with raven hair from 2004.

Signature Style Tyler through the years

Of course through the years she came with a magnificent wardrobe, lots of accessories, many friends (and a boyfriend, who finally married her) and furniture - even a piano! She even got released in a resin BJD version (with inset eyes even). She got to wear some of the best designs Tonner has ever released, from suits to gowns to casual wear, from pret-a-porter to haute couture - even goth! I am a proud owner of some, even one from the first ever collection in 1999: the Central Park Benefit Luncheon suit, exquisitely made.

Central Park Benefit Luncheon, outfit only, 1999

Even her body evolved. From the original one with articulation only at the shoulders, hips and knees, she gradually became articulated at the elbows, waist, wrists, bust and even got interchangeable feet: high heeled, flat and even ballet arched ones. She even got a new sculpt in 2007, with a slightly more angular face. The power of play indeed. 

Fifteen Years Dressed Doll, 2014

Fashion Design Weekly  Awards, outfit only, 1999

Chicago Sophisticate LE 500
United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) "Fin du Millenaire" Convention

Standing Ovation Gold - Special Edition
Tonner Doll 10th Anniversary Celebration Convention, May 2001

Papillion, 2002

Cinema Satins Tyler Centerpiece
Special Edition, Collector's United, 2003

Anniversary Gala, 2004
I'm a lucky owner of this amazing outfit

Red Hot
Tonner Doll Company Convention 2004

Grand Tour. 2004
One of a Kind
Tonner Doll Company Convention; Auctioned for Children Affected by AIDS Foundation

Femme en Noir, 2004
Cherished Friends Exclusive

Toscano, 2005

Ski Retreat, 2005

Wild Spice, 2006

High Style Grand Finale, 2006
Reverie Publishing Exclusive Edition
First Tyler doll with applied eyelashes

Winter Fantasy Centerpiece, 2006
Boston Winter Fantasy Extravaganza

Casino Jade, 2007

Autumn Gold, 2007
Wigged doll

Versailles & Versailles Courtier
Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2007

Au milieu de l’hiver, 2008
Special Tyler exclusive for Kathy Moreau’s Boutique Museum in Paris, France

Mademoiselle à la Mode, 2008
Paris Fashion Doll Festival

Ultra-Basic Goth, 2008
Tonner Doll Nightmares Halloween Convention
Shown wearing the table favor set

A Perfect Ten, 2009
Tonner Direct Exclusive, 10th anniversary

Tyler's wedding to Matt O'Neil, Sydney and Marley are bridesmaids
Tonner Doll Collector's Convention - On Film 2009

2010 Ultra Basic - Raven, 2010
Tonner Direct Exclusive
I think this is the first pale Tyler, Lily skintone

Signature Statement, 2011

Fire Opal, 2011

A Whole Nu Mood, 2012
IDEX Event Website Exclusive
There were only basic Tyler dolls in 2012

Classic Elegance, 2013

All photos (except the first one) courtesy of Tonner Doll


  1. Such eye candy! Did you say you made the first one?

  2. I don't collect this size of doll, but wow, these are beautiful!

  3. @grandmommy - no I did not make her - The doll is made by Tonner and the dress is from Mel Odom's Gene Marshall for Ashton Drake. I just styled her and photographed her.

  4. Absolutely Fabulous! Such a wonderful homage, Stratos...loving it all!!! Thank you!

  5. Absolutely Fabulous!!! Thank you for such an homage...truly wonderful, Stratos!

  6. Such a wonderful curation of photography! Casino Jade, Autumn Gold, and Mademoiselle a la Mode... and even the prettiest 2.0 (IMHO), Au Milieu de l'Hiver. Wonderful!

  7. Tonner outfits are beautiful and well made, but these convention outfits are exquisite! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. This is a great article Stratos and a great reminder of how special Tyler is. It is a shame she seems rather forgotten by Tonner Doll themselves.

    Happy New year to you BTW x

  9. Thank you all for your kind words, especially Tommydoll who was the Tyler image maker for her birth and best period - it means a lot to me. Simon Happy New Year from me too, it means a lot reading praises from you.