Sunday, October 25, 2015

Integrity Toys convention 2015: Cinematic Part IV: Color Infusion Style Lab Collection

This year's Color Infusion Style Lab at the Cinematic Convention designer Vaughn Sawyers was inspired by old Hollywood and each character offered at the event represents one specific movie star of the golden era of Hollywood. The collection has a new look and new packaging designed to protect the dolls instead of the bags they used to come in. It is composed of 12 dolls and 12 separate outfits. And this year the edition size per style is 600 pieces across the board. This was decided to ensure that each convention guest would get an equal chance to own one of each of these exciting characters, as in previous years there has been a lot of grief from people who were not able to secure their preferred characters and styles (usually Declan).

Monroe Jillian wearing Outfit Golden Moment. Clearly Marilyn Monroe and a combination of two iconic outfits of hers, one gold and one silver, both designed by Travilla.

The doll outfit is actually two separates, a bodysuit and a skirt.

Up next is Jaeme Costas wearing outfit Mine All Mine. I'm guessing 30s and Adrian but the star eludes me. Anyone?

The next doll is Fan Xi wearing outfit Dark Victory. The doll is a Fan Bing Bing clone and the outfit's name is a Bette Davis film title from 1939, with costumes by Orry Kelly, but I do not remember it in the film. The outfit consists again of bodysuit and skirt.

Fabiana Diaz is shown wearing Outfit Shanghai Bound. The original film is from 1927 and the silent era. The very few images that exist on-line are not relevant to the outfit, which looks more 70s inspired.

The next doll is Adaline King wearing the outfit named Passion. This one was easy - Elisabeth Taylor inspired. It is again a two piece ensemble, bodysuit and skirt.

Taylor wore a similar outfit in 1962 to receive her David di Donatello Award for her performance as Catherine in “Suddenly, Last Summer” .

Dree Hill wearing outfit Rebel Desire is a piece of cake to identify if you are a Grease fan like me. It is the outfit Rizzo is wearing during the Summer Nights number. Mattel has done it as an exact copy for their Grease dolls but the pink jacket turned to purple here. The doll though is a dark Marilyn, gorgeous.

Here come the men, always really popular with collectors. First up is Tobias Alsford wearing the outfit Stars In Your Eyes, Tobias could be Sidney Poitier and the outfit's name is actually the title of a 1956 British musical.

Declan Wake is playing Frank Sinatra from 1947, sporting the outfit named Debonair.

Here is Frank wearing this outfit:

Next one is easy too: Elvis Presley. Miles Morgan is shown wearing the Blue Suede Shoes (what else?) outfit.

Sterling Riese in the Natural Talent outfit could be any star of the 20s or 30s Hollywood: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Errol Flynn, you pick one.

Keiron Morel in his Tropical Sunset outfit looks like Troy Donahue with Frankie Avalon hair.

Donahue in Parrish wearing a similar jacket - in publicity shots of the era he's in a white shirt and beige pants.

Marlon Brando is represented by Callum Windsor wearing the appropriately named outfit Wild One.

Pity he does not have the hat. Here's the original.

Note: The dolls shown are prototypes and final versions may vary slightly. All doll photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2015 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.

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