Monday, October 26, 2015

Integrity Toys convention 2015: Cinematic Part IX: The W Club luncheon

One of the most sought after events of the convention each year is the W Club members-only luncheon. Attendees that are not part of the W Club cannot attend and everyone is eager to find out details about the next year's collections that are unveiled on the luncheon. Each member who opted to attend received the opportunity to purchase a Veronique Perrin centerpiece doll from the Fashion Royalty Collection and each member then received a basic Eden doll as a thank you gift for attending the lunch. In addition to an interview with the W Club's own Carol Roth, David Buttry returned to the stage to sneak peek a brand new line- The Industry- featuring a 12" version of Tulabelle that will officially début next year. Yes. you read it correctly, Tulabelle is turning 12". Is this a sign for the other 16" doll lines of Integrity too? Vaughn and Alain also talked about how the dolls of IT are made.

Item # 91380
Stage Presence
Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll (W Club Luncheon Centerpiece)
Cinematic: The 2015 Integrity Toys Convention Collection
Limited Edition of 450 Dolls

For me this is one of the three best dolls in the convention - the other two being Nadja and Agnes. She looks like Jean Harlow. In real life photos, the hair look longer than shown here though, which is a minus. Brilliant doll.

Item # 82062
Sneak Peek Eden™ Dressed Doll (Giveaway Souvenir)
Cinematic: The 2015 Integrity Toys Convention Collection
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls

Another Eden (counting the cocktail ITBE as an Eden), she looks like Vero's daughter as they share the same colouring. Wonder what Hollywood link is there in these underwear. Casting couch outfit?

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