Friday, April 15, 2016

W Club presents its first doll for 2016: Ooh La La! Poppy Parker

It was about time the W Club presented its first doll for this year - it's mid-April already! It is a Poppy Parker doll, clearly in the Bon Bon style of this year's line. Let's see the doll:

Item # PP101
Ooh La La!
Poppy Parker™ Gift Set
The Bonbon Collection
2016 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size: TBA 
Estimated Ship Date: Mid to Late Summer 2016
Special W Club Price: $150.00 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*. 

*A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 due immediately at pre-order, balance of $125.00 + shipping and handling (and tax for Maryland residents) due approximately Mid to Late Summer 2016.

Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker™
Body Type: Poppy Parker™
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Platinum
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Poppy Parker is a 12-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with a fully rooted hairstyle and hand-applied eyelashes. This gift set includes Poppy's mix-and-match separates, colorful bracelets and silver hoop earrings, her printed tote, two pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of authentic cork wedgies, bright red slingback shoes and a doll stand, all packaged in a window box gift set. A numbered certificate of authenticity is also included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up.

I am glad I skipped the upgrade Poppy, as this is a much better doll, both in design (well done David Buttry) and as a complete offering.  Her new eye screening is more mature and sexy, but so much better than previous efforts in this direction (IFDC, IT Convention). I love the platinum hair (it looks different than the silver of Mistress of Disguise). Her outfits look lovely and very versatile, the jewellery looks nice, except from the earrings. The bag is pure fun and the shoes are to die for - thankfully not another flat classic Poppy shoe in sight. I love the rockabilly vibe with just the right touch of French finesse and joie-de-vivre. Cannot wait to see how the rest of the line will look. And what about the numbered certificate? That is a first for Poppy as far as I know.

Pictures of prototype shown; final production colors and textures may vary slightly. Any staging props are not included. All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2016 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission. Poppy Parker is a trademark of Integrity Toys, Inc. All rights reserved. Graphics, photography and Layouts by Alain Tremblay Marketing.


  1. She is gorgeous and I love all the fashions she comes with! I ordered her this morning.

  2. I looked up some early pics of Brigitte Bardot. This is totally her iconic looks, the capri pants, off shoulder shirts, ballet flats baloon checkered skirt, its all there.