Friday, October 14, 2016

The 2016 Integrity Toys Convention: Supermodels part V: The Color Infusion Style Lab

One of the most eagerly anticipated collections in each Integrity Toys convention is the Style Lab Color Infusion lot. Composed of 12 fabulous dolls and 12 assorted outfits, the boys and girls of this year's Style Lab explore various 90's trends collectively called "Too Funky". It is Vaughn Sawyers' brainchild and his style shines throughout. You can see bits of many 90's trends in this collection and some of the looks are instantly recognisable. As always with the Style Lab, each doll and outfit is sold separately. Conventioneers can pick one outfit plus one doll for $80.00 + tax per combo. A total of six male figures and six female dolls make up the collection.

Item # 85107
Monroe Jillian™ Nude Doll
Item # 85120
Pure Love (Fashion Only)

This one is a Spring/Summer 1992 Versace look, worn by Helena Christensen below in an Irving Penn photo:

I cannot say that the doll reminds me of a certain model but Nikki Taylor would be the nearest. 

Nikki Taylor by Sante D'Orazio for British Vogue

Item # 85108
Dree Hill™ Nude Doll
Item # 85122
Crazy Sexy Cool (Fashion Only)

This looks like Versace again but I cannot place it exactly. A Versus look perhaps. As for the model, Susan Holmes? Stephanie Seymour?

Item # 85109
Laka O'Rion™ Nude Doll
Item # 85121
Poison (Fashion Only)

This one is instantly recognisable from the Autumn/Winter 1992 Versace collection, worn by Christy and Yasmeen Ghauri, who looks a lot like the doll here. Photo by Irving Penn for Versace. The boots are perfection.

The jacket though is from another collection (Autumn/Winter 1991) and what is printed in doll scale, was embroidered in the real thing.

Below is Nadège du Bospertus on the Versace runway with the jacket, from the Conde Nast Archives.

Item # 85110
Tilda Brisby™ Nude Doll
Item # 85119
All That She Wants (Fashion Only )

This is Chanel. I cannot find the exact look but it could be from any year, the style is timeless. How about this Claudia Schiffer from the house's look-book in 1994?

As for the doll, she does not ring any bells - so who do you think she could be channeling?

Item # 85111
Blue Burkhart™ Nude Doll
Item # 85124
Give it Up (Fashion Only)

Most of you will recognize that this one is Jean Paul Gaultier, from the iconic pink corset that Madonna was wearing in many of her appearances back in the day. Even the pose is so Vogue. 

The total look seems to be a combination of older and more recent styles, like the one for L' Uomo Vogue below and her MDNA corset version total styling with the shirt.

As for the doll herself, Madonna or maybe Nadja Auermann.

The monocle look is of course from the Express Yourself video...

...and the Blonde Ambition Tour from the era.

Item # 85112
Jaeme Costas™ Nude Doll
Item # 85123
Teen Spirit (Fashion Only)

This is the grunge homage. Perry Ellis by Marc Jacobs, circa 1992. The look, though is from 2012 and the LF Stores, a Los Angeles based clothing brand. The doll either Helena Christensen or Carla Bruni.

Item # 85113
Callum Windsor™ Nude Figure
Item # 85125
Whatta Man (Fashion Only)

This one would look great with shorter hair and another outfit. Which was generally the norm with guys in the 90s.

Item # 85114
Ollie Lawson™ Nude Figure
Item # 85130
Mr. Vain (Fashion Only)

This one could be Versace. Ollie still looks awful.

Item # 85115
Declan Wake™ Nude Figure
Item # 85127
Strike it Up (Fashion Only)

This is probably Gaultier. First Declan I do not like at all.

Item # 85117
Ace McFly™ Nude Figure
Item # 85126
Too Sexy (Fashion Only)

Definitely Versace. Love the penny loafers.

Item # 85118
Tobias Alsford™ Nude Figure
Item # 85128
Hypnotize (Fashion Only)

Either Westwood or Gaultier. Tobias is channelling Darius here.

Item # 85116
Preston Woods™ Nude Figure
Item # 85129
Come As You Are (Fashion Only)

No comment. Did I say I hate grunge? No? I do. with a passion.

Note: The pictures contained in this email show the prototypes and the final dolls/fashions may vary slightly. All doll photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2016 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.


  1. ok some of the guys I like but the ones with the girly hair dont excite me at all.

  2. Ollie Lawson's suit is actually based off of a Jean-Paul Gaultier design.

    I actually got the fitted jumpsuit version of that Gaultier suit back in 1991 and I wore it for about 10 years.