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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nouveau Régime Tatyana

Integrity Toys FR.Squared series is dedicated to producing high fashion dolls (with Jason Wu on the helm), with couture like clothing and styling. This year's series was very close to what the line stands for. Nouveau Régime Tatyana is one of the line's three dolls, probably the most glamorous of them. Her sculpt is the one presented at last year's convention and I think here it reaches near perfection.

She has of course the FR.Squared body - elongated, slimmer, more articulated than it's regular Fashion Royalty counterpart. All the better to showcase the magnificent red dress she is wearing. Draped on the side and finished with a small bow on the shoulder, it also has a golden filigree detail on the bust. The draping is good considering the scale but I would prefer it a bit tighter on the skirt.

Check out the quality of the workmanship at the back - the way the draping ends at the zipper is incredibly made. Her outfit is completed with tights (with a back seam), a red clutch, "crocodile" red shoes with straps, buckles and golden chain, a cuff, a ring and a pair of earrings.

The earring has a single red stone on a golden setting. The clutch has a golden button with a black stone that matches her hair. You can see the cuff better here, with it's modern sculpted design. It reminds me of Elsa Peretti's designs for Tiffany. The golden filigree on white background bust detail is visible here too.

Her earrings are matched to the outfit: golden drops with red stones, they look Byzantine in inspiration. Considering Tatyana is a Russian character in the FR storylines, it fits her to a T. Her make up is bold, like all the dolls in this year's FR.Squared line (and Jason Wu's Fall/Winter 2012 collection too). Dark, smoky eyes, with arched brows, bright red lips and pronounced rouge on the cheekbones. I think this looks great on her and is almost perfectly done. Of course the whole look is finished with fire engine red nails. Her hair is gathered at the back in a big chignon and has Marcel weaves at the front, perfectly done. There were a few flyaway hairs but nothing serious. Below is a photo of her still in her box:

And a close up of her shoes:

I could not help using some of my new filters and effects on the photos I took of her. She is incredibly photogenic; it is very hard, if not impossible, to take a bad photograph of her. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Integrity Toys 2012 release: FR Squared by Jason Wu

When the time came for the Fashion Royalty:Squared presentation, we were greeted by none other than Jason Wu himself as he is personally designing this collection - his fashion firm is mentioned under the line's name on the boxes. A trio of  dolls were presented: Tatyana, Ayumi and Luchia Z. He said that the line will act as a platform to bring back characters that were away from the spotlight. The fashions will be more adventurous and mysterious.

Item #57016 Nouveau Régime Tatyana Alexandrova™ Dressed Doll FR: Squared™ Collection Suggested Retail Price: $175.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid June 2012 

Tatyana Alexandrova was moved to the FR2 line back in last year's convention. That doll was not a favourite of mine as I did not like the bangs or the dress. What a change now. She looks incredible here, with her sexy and luxurious dress, her chic up-do and mesmerizing make up. She wears a red hot cocktail gown, accented by a large bow at the shoulder and a contrasting gold lace bustier. The look is finished with a "gold" jewelry set, a matching red clutch purse, pantyhose and detailed tone-on-tone designer heels (they sport a miniature "gold"chain. I am a sucker for red lips and smoky eyes and will try to obtain her although she is one of the most sought after dolls this season.

Item #57017 Opium Ayumi N.™ Dressed Doll FR: Squared™ Collection Suggested Retail Price: $175.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid July 2012

Ayumi Nakamura also changed sculpt recently, when she joined FR2 at the IDEX presentation (she was the event doll there). I was not fond of that doll because of her make up and because of my love for the old Sculpt of Ayumi (which had been used twice I think, I have the first one). Her second appearance in the same year makes this kind of special - and she got the looks to match. Her look is reminiscent of the 30's and 40's movie stars like Joan Crawford or Bette Davies. Ayumi wears a high-contrast fire red cocktail jacket over a black floor length, long sleeved, ultra-fitted siren gown. Her hair is neatly styled in an up-swept chignon and her look is completed by her earrings, two (yes two!) rings, a matching clutch purse and high-end patent "leather" pumps. She;s a keeper.

Item #57018 Strict Elegance Luchia Z.™ Dressed Doll FR: Squared™ Collection Suggested Retail Price: $175.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid July 2012 

Luchia Z completes the trio and is the most recent one to make a transofrmation - the old sculpt (Isha's own) is abandoned and replaced by the one used for the FNO Bergdorf Goodman doll back in 2011. A change that left many people gasping as the two sculpts are completely different from each other. The Integrity people seemed surprised we did not know it yet! So apart from style the three ladies here share another common thing: new faces! She is dressed like a dominatrix, in a slim-fitted "leather" skirt topped by a form enhancing "leather" and lace bustier, her sleek raven hair pulled back but framing her high forehead at the front as well. The look is finished with a frilly "fake mongolian lamb" coat, black chrome jewelry and a chrome "leather" purse that perfectly matches her designer shoes. 

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications. **All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2012 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.**

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Heist: The Fashion Royalty Convention collection!

Last week at Pittsburgh, the Fashion Royalty convention for 2008 took place. Titled " The Jason Wu Event V: The Heist", it lasted from October 2nd until the 4th at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport at Pittsburgh. As the Integrity site said:

Mysteries abound, tragedy has happened: a precious heirloom from the Perrin family jewel collection has been stolen. Who did it? How will the Perrins get the precious stone back and where will this adventure lead? Join us for a fun-filled weekend at the Jason Wu Event V: The Heist and help find an important part of the Perrins’ precious heritage

Are you ready for excitement? Your convention host, Alain Tremblay invites you to join him and his team on an adventure worthy of some of your favorite spy novels, leading you to fabulous Russia in an intrigue totally worthy of Fashion Royalty! Who’s behind it? Is it Natalia and Kyori, or perhaps some mysterious new contender? Now you can be a part of it all! Meet Jason Wu and the rest of the Integrity Toys team and take part in a fun-filled weekend which will feature a special treasure hunt set in the totally stylish environment of FR!
Lots of dolls were unveiled at the event, with new characters appearing and older ones getting the Royal treatment. The concept was influenced a lot from James Bond, especially his Cold War - Russia elements. Lets see what temptations Jason Wu decided to unveil to eager collectors:

First off, from the convention collection, the Hopelessly Captivating Luchia Z. Styled with a 30s look, she reminds me a bit of Chicago's Velma Kelly . The influence of Mel Odom's Gene dolls is very strong in this year's collection as is the opposite.

With her black bob, raised eyebrows and severe suit, she could play in any 30s film noir! I think it is the first Luchia that I kind of like. Her bag is to die for and the pink booties look cute!

Finally, after listening to many collectors demands, an Asian male doll was released! Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani, dressed in a pinstripe suit and carrying a samurai sword ( I hope it is included in the accessories) strikes a dashing note among the FR males. He does look like Lukas a bit. I hope it is the hair that does this and the sculpt is different. From the official photos, he still does not look too Asian.

A giftset of two new ladies was presented,Elements of Surprise, Lillith and Eden Gift Set - two dolls together, with funky outfits, very 80s style. The colours of the outfits almost hurt my eyes.

And one of the most glamorous Adeles made, The Muse - she looks something between Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell. Very French chic, she could model for YSL anytime. She reminds me of his 70s collections.

The first titled Royalty of the evening was Baroness' little sister (?), Giselle Diefendorf, in a Masterpiece Theatre incarnation. I must say she is quite an improvement over her first release last year. Young Nicole Kidman anyone? (she shares the Agnes sculpt).

The Baroness herself could not be absent from the proceedings (she is an event doll after all). Drama Behind the Drama Agnes Von Weiss is probably the most stunning doll of this collection, with an outfit that reminds me a lot Madra Lord's Postcard From Cannes gown. With that face paint and hair, she's a dead ringer for Nicole Kidman.

In the close up photograph below she looks like she could use some retouch - or simply powder! What next, Botox? She's a doll! I love the fabric of her gown and the embroidered detail.

Thursday at Convention was filled with intrigue and excitement. The dinner event was staged around the storyline that an heirloom jewel was stolen from the Perrin family and attendees were transformed into agents trying to assist in the jewel's return! Each "agent" attendee received an exciting spy kit, perfect for use with the new Takeo Mizutani doll! It included a carrying case, Ninja mask, rope, safe, cell phone and other cool spy gear! Also, there was the centerpiece doll for the evening, a beautiful raven-haired Eugenia. She looks somewhere between a 40s gal and a Versace late 80s model - quite stunning. So here is "Fine Jewel Eugenia":

At the Friday Luncheon at the Convention, Integrity announced the second character in the Hollywood Royalty line: Josephine Baker. Call me anything you like, Josephine is no Hollywood Royalty, she's European Royalty. I was expecting someone from the golden era of Hollywood like Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn or Ginger Rogers. Big disappointment this one and to top it all, she does not look like Josephine any more than the Lana doll resembles Lana Turner. Some lucky attendees had a chance to purchase a very special Josephine Doll, which recreated her famous "Banana Dance".

In addition, every attendee walked away with, Life of the Party, the convention fashion for the FR ladies. It is modelled here by Luchia Z (see top of post), again a very 80s look with a 21st century twist. And very nice mix & match possibilities.

A sneak peek at the new Valia, Pivoine, was also one of the convention highlights. This version of the doll has an updated body with increased articulation. The new body has the same sculpt as the previous body, but now has 15 points of articulation, including at the wrists, under the bust and at the upper thigh. This newest doll was inspired by Lisa Fonssagrives and has a more intense facial screening than the previous dolls. Valia Pivoine is exclusive to Haute Doll magazine , so visit their website for details.

The convention finished up Saturday with more dolls unveiled and also the convention doll (the one included in the attendee package). First of all, Eltin, the newest addition to the Dynamite Girls line was presented. She is supposedly a rock star and her first outfit is from her performance in Moscow. 60s galore!

Shirred, Not Shaken Vanessa (an obvious homage to James Bond) was the centrepiece doll of the evening. Stunning doll but she looks a lot like Obsidian Society Vanessa and the outfit reminds me too much of Agnes from last year's convention along with the Dressmaker Details outfit you can see one of my Vanessa's model here.

So who was the convention doll? A new character was added to the FR line, called Tatyana Alexandrova. Looking like a million bucks in an outfit again very YSL (this time the early 80s) she reminds me oh so much of Victoria Beckham. One very good reason NOT to get her. Victoria must be very happy.

The jewellery is magnificent - earrings, a hat pin, bracelet and ring - what more can a girl ask for? The blue blouse is magnificent.

A direct exclusive Integrity doll was also there: Nadja De Vries The Illusionist - simply stunning in her African regalia:

And finally the Onyx Veronique Perrin was given to the Deluxe Package holders - she's a basic platinum Vero, dressed like her fellows from the Glamorous basic collection.

Many more small gifts and stuff were given to the attendees and of course many dolls from the regular line were present along with customised ones from the attendees, making for a varied and eventful convention.

All pictures are copyrighted by Integrity Toys and are published with their consent. They are not to be used for any for commercial purposes such as ebay or to sell the any of the dolls. I am not affiliated in any way with Integrity Toys.