Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion Royalty 2010: The Dazzle Collection

Ok, so there were two Fashion Royalty collections: the second one was called Dazzle and it was explained to us (for those who follow the storyline of the doll's characters) that this was Vanessa Perrin's photoshoot ambience and inspiration for the new W Cosmetics campaign, while the Foundation collection is the characters outside the studio looking for Veronique Perrin. If Eugenia goes out with that outfit to look for her cousin, she may end up where she does noe want to go... hehehe.

On to the collection then. This one has the basic Close Up dolls we have come to expect from the FR line - the Dazzle here translates to the sequined outfits all the dolls have, each in a different colour. The sequined mini dress is really hot right now in dolly world, Heidi Klum Barbie did it earlier and it looked great (the dress, and the doll):

So how do the FR ladies face up to such competition? Let's see: first up is the culprit, Vanessa Perrin herself. Named Temptation, Vanessa is chanelling Duffy in this 60's beehive hair and short fitted pink sequinned mini dress. Her pale skin and pink/orangey (sound awful but I like it here) make -up looks great on her. Black open-toed platforms and silver small hoop earrings complete the look. I like her because she looks so different than any other incarnation of Vanessa. And is it me or does she sport the very pale skin?

Next up is Adele Makeda - she's back! With her huge afro and mini dress, Sould Deep Adele is ready for some black sexploitation film from the 70s - where is Isaak Hayes when you need him? She looks great - you can re-create the look if you have Adele's Modern Pompadour afro wig an any Adele you like!

What's up with the songbirds? Careless Love Dania Zarr is a dead ringer for B52's Kate Pierson or maybe a modern version of Mad Men's Joan Holloway. If I did not have an aversion to bangs I'd pick her instead of Vanessa! Too bad the bangs cannot be swept to the side.

The fourth doll turned out to be a giftset: Deceptively yours Kyori Sato has the sequinned dress and 60's beehive (in the worst possible incarnation) all the other ladies share, but she has also a gown to wear (supposedly for when the fashion shoot ends and the party begins - these girls probably do not have other assignments in one day). Her death-pale make up does not match her bright red sequinned mini dress. Her hair is trying to shout Maria Callas but it ends up looking cheap imitation. She looks more latina than Asian. The chequered suit looks as if it does not fit well (does she look a bit chubby under the jacket or not? Shhh, could Kyori be... pregnant? hehehehe). And the gown? A cascade of red ruffles tied in her waist with a beige/golden bow (at the front? Whose brilliant idea was that?), a predictable and boring dress - even Barbie can do that. The gowns this year just don't cut it as couture. Her jewellery looks nice but nice is not enough.

There is a separate fashion ensemble in this line as well. And, as in the Foundation Line, it is a gorgeous one. Modelling it is the most beautiful Dania I have ever seen (that was my question at the webinar - who's that girl?), but unfortunately she is just a prototype. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor! She is the best doll this year and she is not getting made! The outfit consists of a white tulip-shaped sleeveless cocktail dress worn with a miniscule black and white bolero/wrap, black skinny belt, silver and blue earrings, bracelet and ring and the most gorgeous shoes this year: black open-toe booties with micro "leather" flower appliqués - divine.

So let's see all the ladies in a group shot: I think Heidi Klum Barbie has a better dress (from what I can see in the photos) but the dolls are gorgeous and the solo fashion is great. And Barbie never had shoes like the ones above - not even Christian Louboutin made her a pair like this.

Next - The Monogram collection.


  1. Hey Stratos...I think this is next to the worst look for Vanessa ever and quite possibly the worst set of basic dolls ever. T

  2. I love the makeup and the big, big afro of this Adele. Previously, I have only liked the two Adele dolls that I have - Something So Sexy and Paparazzi Bait. Oh and the one from 2008 in red whose title I cannot recall now. But this one - pow. Top of my WANT list.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with Terri. I think this Vanessa is horrible and I think the entire Dazzle collection was a real bore. Kyori's 'gown' looks like a red version of Sweet Roses PJ (Barbie's friend) from 1980!
    I was hoping for a collection as amazing as 2008's or 2007's....


  4. I love reading your take on things, Stratos. What really annoys me about this company is they show a promo doll that never gets produced and she's usually the one I'd want. Grrr.... Won't be getting any of these, though the redhead Dania is appealing, her price tag isn't.

  5. Thanks for summary/commentaries! It was a good read. I so agree about Kyori's dress, it's so Barbie Holiday (pick a year).

  6. @Chris and Terri - I actually love this Vanessa - she looks different and so 60s! I'm getting her! But the prototype Dania would have been the perfect one!