Monday, March 8, 2010

The Foundation Collection - first line of Fashion Royalty and Nu Face for 2010

This year we're in for some new and stange concepts in the Fashion Royalty related lines. There were two collections presented and one of them had every FR incarnation included: regular FR dolls, Nu Face (younger models) dolls and Homme (men line) dolls. Is there a reason for this? The concept as Integrity tells it, is that fashion elevated to dramatic heights has allways been the hallmark of Fashion Royalty. OK I say. But Foundation? Terri said something about undergarments - I could not agree more. And the big disappointment: no Veronique in this one. So let's see who was included in this collection:

Instead of  ladies first, let's do the guys for once: no new character (thank God), no one of the old guard (Pierre and Cisco apparently are where Veronique STILL is). Darius and Lucas are back again with us as last year. Both in suits (plaid for Lukas, pinstripe grey for Darius), leather shoes and leather handbags. Staying Power Darius has become a corporate honcho (last years suit was much better) and his skin-tone just does not sit well with me. His double removable collar shirt already spells T R O U B L E.

Model Citizen Lukas is pale as last year, longer hair again as his first time but brown now. A bow-tie? Lukas? The maverick model agent entrepreneur? His bag is to die for but I have them both already and frankly, I do not need another suit in my men's wardrobes. And the FR men suit jackets just do not fit well - their lapels are always a disaster. Someone needs to check their patterns.

So what about the Nu-Face girls? This time Colette returns as Perk, with a dramatic outfit - her ribbon skirt is almost Haute Couture, her face paint looks great too and the blouse has intricate draping that makes it special. Pity she decided to wear fur - I'm always against it and here it looks bad too - like a cat that fell in the lake. The necklace looks like Festive Decadence Agnes' one, only painted blue-not good. The boots are great too - but anyone who has a doll from the Pompadour collection will agree one knee-high pair of boots is more than enough. No bag - I suppose that helped keep the price a bit under US$100.

Second Nu Face model: one of the twins, Eden! No no, it is actually Lilith, appearing as her sister now, blonde and dangerous, hence named The Great Pretender. I love her total look, all in bright pink, a decadent Barbie if there ever was one. The bouclé jacket, the sheer top (this springs visible underwear trend exploited) and the fluffy and flirty skirt are perfectly combined. I wanted her lips a bit more subdued - she would be perfect then. 

And while I expected Ayumi to make a comeback too, who other than Gisel appeared to steal the limelight. Mais Oui! As a auburn haired beauty, with pale looks and bright coloured outfit, she makes quite an impression. Fans are divided over this one but I like the difference she has from the others - she looks more like a current real fashion model than any of the Nu Face girls. And I love the combination of purple and green and metal grey in her clothes. The big square black ring is also great!

So on to the Fashion Royalty ladies that make the final part of the Foundation Collection.  Jordan makes her third appearance in the FR lines, made-up and dressed like a sugary confection named Fire Within.  Too bubbly pink for my taste but I know others will love her. I like Jordan as a modern Amazon and this just does not cut it for me. And leather chain-mail shoes with pink fluffy skirt? Major faux pas - I thought only Paris Hilton could dress like this.

The second FR lady in this line is Tricks of the Trade Eugenia. She has a weird face paint which makes her quite a bit different than previous incarnations of the sculpt but her outfit is great - minus the fur capelet and the hideous hat. The shoes look like those from Wrapped In Decadence fashion in black and the cuff is gorgeous. i love the point d'esprit doubling of the dress, it makes it look very elegant - and it makes a world of difference from Jordan's. This is hallmark fashion indeed.

Finally, who else but Natalia could appear in this kitschy mess of a gown: it looks lie one of the major faux-pas Jennifer Lopez could make on the red carpet. Private Goddess? She'd better stay in private! The colour is weird, the draping is a mess, the top is half-baked. Just take a look at High Gloss Agnes or Pale Fire Vanessa to see how this should have been done. And Natalia looks exactly like 2008's Hot Property with straight lighter hair. Although this hair style promises lots of play.

There is a fashion outfit (no doll included) in the collection, modelled here by a very beautiful Vanessa doll: Winning Ensemble is indeed winning - the dark long military-type jacket over sequinned top and bright vertically draped skirt remind me so much of vintage YSL. Pity the hat is not like the ones he showed then, it would be so much better! And her bracelet is to die for.

So this concludes the Foundation collection of the 2010 Fashion Royalty line. Next up: Dazzle.


  1. I love the Hommes suits myself. I have the earlier suit for Darius and it is extremey well made. I found that I needed to work the seams a bit in my hands to make the seams mesh and flow better. The jacket has shoulder pads that can lift the jacket too high as can be seen in the photos above. I think the jacket would look better if the seams were twisted, pulled and racked around a bit to make them lie down better.

  2. I love them too but the lapels are a pain in the *ss to fix. I will try what you do and see if they stand better.

  3. Thanks for the interesting and informative write-up of the new Integrity collection! I collect Poppy and am quite disappointed in the cartoony eyes this year. I like the giftset and the Beatnik Poppy, but I won't be buying because I don't like her new eyes. I don't mind that there is no liner underneath, but the irises look less detailed - more like the 2010 redheaded Dynamite Girl.


  4. @Marsha - Ithink the new look makes for some interesting looks - regarding the irises, I have to see one up close to judge, the production dolls usually are better than the prototypes!

  5. Yes, that's true; I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised because I love the outfits. I better put some money aside in case I change my mind :-).


  6. I just discovered the line of Fashion Royalty dolls about two weeks ago and I have become fast addicted. I have ordered 4 and the lovely Lilith shown here is one of them. The other 3 are the Kyori Sato (the Dark Narcissus, Pierre de Vries (the Lady Thriller) and my favorite Lukas-the white haired one.