Monday, March 8, 2010

New Integrity Toys doll collections previewed!

Last Saturday, Integrity Toys organized a webinar for the unveiling of their 2010 collections. The on-line event was attended by approximately 400 persons and featured all the company's designers presenting their doll lines and commenting on their inspiration, while at the same time the attendees could vote on their favourites. After the presentation there was a short Q&A session: I was one of the on-line attendees and actually managed to ask a question! The experience was great and thrilling - it was so close to seeing the dolls live. And of course hearing all designers and especially Jason Wu commenting on their doll lines! So follow the posts after this to see all of them.

We will start here with the basic line, the "playline" dolls - ITBE. This year's line is called ROMA 2010.

The five new basic dolls are supposedly fresh transplants to the Eternal City, coming to live La Vita Bella!  The ones I liked from the bunch are Confident (below) with the red hair and the pink shirt-dress with 3/4 sleeves (both doll and dress are great)...

... but only  Luscious' dress and Romantic as a doll (not the oh-so-prim-and-proper dress):

Luscious - such a modern outfit!

Romantic - nice doll, sorry about the dress.

The plastic peep-toe shoes and the double bracelets look great - they all have two of them although in their descriptions the word bracelet is in singular form. I think last years dolls were more fashion-oriented (with the exception of Luscious' dress which is very au-courrant). Their price at US$25 each, makes them the most affordable of the company's lines.

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