Monday, March 15, 2010

Integrity On-Line Event exclusive dolls: Mini Avantguard clones!

Every time Integrity hosts an event for presentation of a new line, it has an event doll. It was the same again with the on-line event this year, but this time there were two of them - and they were mini-clones of the 16" Avantguard dolls Androgyny and Aphrodisiac that Integrity released last year.

They both look very much like their larger counterparts. The dolls use the Monogram line face sculpt and NuFace body (i.e. smaller bust and without waist articulation) so that makes them so much less articulated than their bigger sized sisters.  The reproduction of the fashions looks excquisite - I like it but already have Androgyny in 1/6 size so I had to pass, even though the price was really good for two dolls. 

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