Saturday, January 28, 2012

Integrity Toys at IDEX part I: Monogram dolls

Of course Integrity Toys would not miss IDEX - they had a stand there and previewed quite a few dolls and lines as well - 22 new dolls in total! In this post I will write about the Monogram line. It had the most doll unveiled (five) and got quite a remarkable response from collectors as it seems that couture elegance and glamour has returned to these dolls - this was supposed to be the line's raison d'être, non? Let's see the line up.


Echelon is the first Monogram of this collection. She is wearing a plaid suit with a bubble skirt, has a white leather bag, three-tone shoes and a black blouse. The one thing that bugs me here is the skirt - it looks more suitable for a teeny bopper than an elegant model. A pencil or tulip skirt would have been so much better. Her lips are also a bit off.


Inspiration was previewed to the W Club back in December and her photo also made an appearance as an advertisement in DOLLS magazine a while ago. Elegant in her tiered embroidered gown with a black belt, matching shoes with a modern no-heel look, a clutch bag, bracelet, hair pin and drop earrings, she is an echo of the elegant late 50s-early 60s couture creations. Her make up is also gorgeous.


Exaggeration almost lives up to her name. She has that Christian Lacroix Parisian couture flare and would be perfect if she had a different hair accessory (flower AND feathers? Where's Stephen Jones when you need him?) and hair colour (she'd look great with that silvery grey streaked style Daphne Guinness or Marie Seznec, Lacroix's muse, carry to perfection). The two-tone dress and darker jacket look very French and the accessories (bag, shoes, gloves, pin, earrings) are to die for. Lime! Love that lime!


Admiration is probably the second best doll of this bunch. She oozes elegance and sophistication. White bouclé  suite with red polka dot blouse and red accessories to match. That hat! That bag! The white and red shoes! Her skin tone and the flower in her hat hint a bit at Billie Holiday. Fantastic.

For me the hit of the collection is Allure. She hearkens back to the 50s Hollywood glamour, reminding me of the Gene Marshall doll. Many see Marilyn in her, I see Lisa Fonssagrives, Marella Agnelli and Carmen Dell'Orefice. Aisha in the W Club forum pointed out that the inspiration is from the original Fire & Ice  Revlon campaign: spot on! Her brilliant red opera coat over that white column of a dress is so glamorous and sophisticated. The only thing missing is a clutch bag ( a red or silver beaded "egg" would have been amazing) and gloves. Her make up in silver and red is also great.

Update: Terri Gold found out this Revlon Queen of Diamonds ad with Carmen Dell'Orefice. The dress is an exact copy. Great work Terri!

The dolls are each on a 350 piece edition, so you'd better hurry up if you want one. This time the Monogram collection is one of the best ever, on a par or even better than the début regular collection back in 2010. Well done!

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