Saturday, January 28, 2012

Integrity Toys at IDEX part VI: Nu Fantasy and the IDEX exclusive doll

Nu Fantasy is a way for Integrity Toys designers to re-interpret fairy tale characters into modern fashion, much like Tonner Dolls does with Re-Imagination (usually with much better results). This time around Hansel and Gretel are the dolls for Nu Fantasy.

They look edgy (yes, this is edgy) and hip, ready for a night out in New York more than the woods. Do the faces look familiar?



Hansel has the Pierre sculpt. He has rooted and flocked hair, facial hair (painted) and a bit of a make up too.  His outfit has a gorgeous jacket, hideous cropped pants (always hate that length in men or women) and a short sleeved shirt. But his accessories are the best: patent leather boots, matching back pack, watch, earring and hipster glasses. I want these accessories!


Gretel has the twins sculpt (Eden & Lilith). Her dress reminds me a lot of the Versace Fall/Winter 1992 collection (the top) and the skirt has some lovely detail. Great boots and jewellery. Stud earrings complete the look (aaargh). Her hairdo is not to my liking but seems to be popular with collectors. If I am not mistaken, this is the first doll to become sold out at pre-orders from the IDEX preview.


Most doll companies offer an exclusive doll at trade shows - Integrity always does. For IDEX 2012, the exclusive doll is Luminous Ayumi. The new sculpt of this character is not as good as the old one in my opinion. She looks like a failed attempt for a new Kyori (would not be surprised if this is the case, as sculpts cost a fortune to make and using a failed one from one character for another makes business sense). Here she is offered with an FR2 body (she used to be a Nu Face model). The great part of the doll is the outfit - it is a Jason Wu original miniature outfit, taken from his spring 2012 collection. The shoes are great and the cuff too. The sunglasses have been used before but look good. Earrings? Studs. Again. On an exclusive US$160 doll. WHY?

This concludes the Integrity Toys preview posts from IDEX 2012. A very strong start for the year, with some gorgeous dolls. Let's see what will the main lines show.

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