Saturday, January 28, 2012

Integrity Toys at IDEX part V: Poppy Parker Fashion Teen 16"

As I mentioned in a previous post, Poppy Parker must be the most popular Integrity Toys doll now. So it comes as no surprise that they decided to introduce a 16" version of her to capitalize on that popularity. This line will be called Poppy Parker Fashion Teen to distinguish it from the 12" line. It has a different body from the FR16 dolls but will be able to share shoes with them (not outfits). The style and look of this line is similar to the smaller Poppy dolls. The sculpt reminds me of Poppy but is more harsh.


Spring Morning Poppy Parker Fashion Teen has a gorgeous outfit: tweed slim coat over a pale yellow dress with matching short sleeved jacket, bag and shoes. This is the way to handle yellow, unlike the FR16 yellow gown. The copper hair of the doll though is not a good match for it in my opinion. Can we get this outfit in 12" size please?


Shop Around Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the second doll. I don't like her braid but the hounds-tooth Capri pants look amazing. Lovely sunglasses too, a new design! She has a tote bag, lace top with sequins, shoes, necklace, bracelets and hoop earrings. She seems to be the most popular with collectors so far.


Love Letters Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the second most popular doll of this collection. She is wearing a nice lilac dress with a fur caplet and has a silver clutch, shoes to match the bag and pearl necklace and stud earrings. White gloves are a must - and they are elbow length. The dress looks amazing and I love the details  on it's décolletage and skirt. The doll looks like a popular Greek fashion model called Vicky Kaya



Precious Love Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the last doll of the collection. A bride doll. The dress is like a simplified version of Grace Kelly's wedding dress - in this scale, it should have been a bit more detailed. The veil is plain - some lace detail at the hem would have been nice. I will not comment on that head piece. A lovely white rose bouquet, white kitten heels, drop earrings and a ring finish the ensemble perfectly. But no gloves? That's something that was probably a staple for brides back then.


You can see above some comparison shots: the first one shows the Poppy Parker Fashion Teen next to a FR16 doll and the second one shows the same doll next to her 12" counterpart. 

I am not a fan of this collection, although I am collecting Poppy dolls in the smaller scale. I can see the appeal of the doll and surely it is a good business move for Integrity. It needs some fine tuning but no one gets it perfect from the start.


  1. woow ;) no words... They are amazing !!!!

  2. Oh, wow...this is bad, I just ordered "Shop around" and "Spring Morning". I said I was not going there. The back cover of FDQ just called out "lookie here!" I bought just one Gene when they came out. I am now the proud owner of nearly 300. I have the feeling I could get hooked on Poppy in the 16 in doll. "If you want these dolls DO NOT hesitate. I called around and they are nearly sold out everywhere...sorry if I cause a panic! Call John Roberts Collecibles thay may still have some ( no I do not work for them...but they are super!). Ask for Diane and tell her I mentioned their doll shop.
    Linda Kriegbaum