Friday, January 27, 2012

Tonner at IDEX 2012: Nu Mood in the air

Most doll collectors are eagerly anticipating the IDEX Fair at Orlando, FL this weekend, as it is the place where most doll makers present their collections for 2012. Tonner Dolls is no exception of course. They even organize an event:  “It’s a Whole Nu Mood™!” , the Tonner Collectors Breakfast January 29, 2012 from 8 - 10:00am IDEX, Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®.  Robert Tonner will introduce highlights of the 2012 collection. Attendees will have the opportunity to win fabulous door prizes and will receive a special, limited-edition 16” souvenir doll from the debut Nu Mood™ collection. We do have a sneak preview of the new collections and, as the blog is fashion doll related, we are mostly sticking to that part of them but not only. So let's see what's on offer. Check with your dealer or directly at the Tonner website for pre-orders and availability.

The big news is the new fashion line and doll body. Nu Mood is the name (reminding me of Nu Face by Integrity) and what the dolls featured in this one share is the many options that their body offers. There are three basic bodies: dance, curvaceous and fashion. All three can have their hands and feet changed into three different types. The feet are dance, flat and fashion (for high heels) and the hands are holding, fist and graceful. The dolls come with only one set of both but there are separate sets of hands or feet available to accommodate all. There are two skin tones, the Tyler (Caucasian) and the Spice (African American) skin tone. Furthermore, some of them are rooted, some with wigs. The line is completed with lots of fashions, accessories and wigs to dress and redress your dolls ad infinitum. 


The dance body dolls are three, from left to right: Jess (Cinderella sculpt), Parker (Friday sculpt) and Carrie (Carrie sculpt). Dance body and feet, rooted hair.


The fashion body dolls are the mainstays of the Tonner fashion world, Tyler and Sydney. They have saran wigs.


The curvaceous body dolls are also two: Paige (spicy skin tone) and Betty (Tyler skin tone) share the body as well as the sculpt (Pin Up). They are wigged dolls and come with their saran wig.


There are eight saran wigs to choose from, short, medium and long, sold separately, to change your dolls look. My favourite is the short jagged red one, here shown on Sydney.

Lots of fashions are sold as separates: tops, skirts, pants, all in various colours and styles to add pizazz to your dolls. The colours are black, red, pink and champagne. Below are two combinations I liked, in black (note that all items are sold separately, not as a complete outfit).

The accessories are varied as well, so I picked up my favourite from each category: a bag, a flat shoe, a high heeled shoe and a tiara-and-pointe-shoes set.

 I love the interchangeability of the hands and feet but what I miss is better articulation for feet and torso. I would love the dolls to be able to sit or take poses like a fashion model and the hip and knee joints need a bit more work to do that. But the sheer quantity and choice is amazing. And I imagine there are lots more to come, plus most of older Tonner fashions fit, except maybe for the curvaceous body. In my next post, some of the other dolls previewed in IDEX.

All photos courtesy of Tonner Dolls. Please note: Any design element, including but not limited to fabrics, face painting styles, body styles and/or hair colors may be subject to change during production.  

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