Saturday, January 28, 2012

Integrity Toys at IDEX part IV: Poppy Parker as Sabrina

"Isn't It Romantic?" - who has not watched Sabrina, with the incandescent Audrey Hepburn, and did not fall in love with the feisty, romantic heroine that transforms into a chic, independent woman. Not only did the film secure the rising star of Hepburn, it made an indelible mark in fashion and marked the beginning of one of fashion's most enduring relationships: the one between Givenchy and Audrey. It also gave us the definite little black dress, a staple of women's closets ever since, in a myriad of incarnations.

Although Edith Head won the Oscar for Best Costumes for the film, most of Hepburn's outfits (if not all) were created by Hubert de Givenchy and chosen personally by Audrey. Edith Head refused to share a credit with Givenchy, so only she was given credit for the costumes - Parisian designers were not powerful brand names back then and Givenchy was still fresh and young. I am certain though that the Academy's votes were for Hepburn's attire. The film began the life-long association between Givenchy and Hepburn that gave us so many wonderful outfits. There's also a rumour that Givenchy, when Audrey first booked an appointment at his atelier, thought he was seeing Katharine Hepburn, was disappointed to find out otherwise and told her he had very little time for her, so she picked the stuff out of his collection.

Integrity Toys, after their first foray into film territory last year with Breakfast at Tiffany's, now presents us with Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®. Four dolls (two dressed dolls and two gift sets) are included in this collection and already it seems to be the hit of the year.



Miss Fairchild Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the dressed doll with the famous Little Black Dress (and white petticoat underneath). She looks lovely in it and the make up is exactly like Audrey's. I love the red insteps of her kitten heel shoes and she even has a daiquiri just like in the film! Brocade clutch bag, gloves and beaded knit cap included. Can you spell perfection?


Isn't It Romantic Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the second dressed doll of the series. She is wearing the big white ball gown from the film, with the black embroidery and huge train. I already have this one in the larger scale from Madame Alexander and have always wanted it for my smaller dolls. I wonder if the train will be detachable like in Madame Alexander's outfit. Gorgeous doll with perfect hair and make up.  Drop earrings, black kitten heels and white gloves complete the look.




The tour de force of the collection is the Most Sophisticated Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® gift set. It includes three distinct looks from the film, plus a myriad of accessories. The main outfit is the elegant Parisian suit she arrives at the train station in. Of course she has a lovely black bag, a white pleated satin turban, a suitcase, a beauty case, black kitten heels, gloves, hoop earrings and her poodle dog (with a diamanté collar!). And if this was not already enough, two more looks as well. First she has the shirt and shorts look from the scene at the boat and then the beatnik outfit with a long coat, black scarf, black cigarette pants and black blouse. Two more pairs of shoes are included for these looks. One of the best gift sets to be released ever.



The Chauffeur's Daughter Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the second gift set of the collection. In contrast to the previous one, this looks dull and plain. Here are the two outfits Sabrina is wearing before her transformation as well as a beige coat. Simple flat shoes (two pairs) and pearl stud earrings complete the set. The doll also has longer hair (in a pony tail) than the other three dolls of the collection. I am willing to bet this one is the least popular of all.

A stunning collection from Integrity - I love the fact that they use Poppy instead of that dreadful Holly sculpt from last year. With the right make up and hair style she even looks more like Audrey. The outfits are amazing, the accessories incredible. Simply irresistible.

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