Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Integrity Toys 2012 release: Nu Face & FR Homme

After David Buttry finished the Poppy Parker presentation, Carol Roth introduced Vaughan Sawyer, the designer of Nu Face, Fashion Royalty and Hommes collections. He said that the overall name for the collections was Style Directive and the inspirations were period styles made modern and having fun with older looks. The main inspirations for Nu Face were the 20's and Art Deco: dark, bold, strong shapes and colours.

Item #82043 Lead Singles Lillith and Eden™ Two Doll Gift Set Suggested Retail Price: $199.00 US Limited Edition Size: 450 Gift Sets Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early July 2012 

The twins are coveted by the collectors - they are a sensation every time they appear together or separately. They are wearing multiple outfits that can be combined between them, so from the four complete outfits one can get lots of combinations. I did not like the style of the clothes (Gucci inspired) or the dolls in this set. The shoes have a chunky addition beneath the arch that looks weird. The skirts on the second outfits are multi-layered: chiffon, lace and pleated organza for Eden and lace and organza for Lillith. They come packaged in the look of the first photo. All Nu Face dolls have coloured streaks in their hair.

Item #82044 Live, Work, Play! Giselle Diefendorf™ Mini Gift Set Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US Limited Edition Size: 600 Mini Gift Sets Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early August 2012 

I realise now that all Nu Face release are gift-sets! Popular girl Giselle Diefendorf comes in a gift-set with two outfits, one with a paillette skirt (reminiscent of AG Goldmine's skirt) and blue top and one with jacket and leather pants. They can be combined for multiple looks. I love this one and hope to get it. The necklace is gorgeous (like the Monogram doll sold at Collette's had) but the earrings are from older collections. The gorgeous bag is to die for. Her shoes have Lucite heels.

Item #82046 Pop of Color Annik™ Mini Gift Set Suggested Retail Price: $125.00 US Limited Edition Size: 300 Mini Gift Sets Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid August 2012 

Annik is a strong sculpt that needs eccentric fashions to come to life. Putting her in cutesy frilly stuff will not help, even if it is in bold colouring and chunky jewellery. Her long curly raven hair are weighing her down even though her skin tone (lighter than her previous incarnation) and make up look great on her. A gift-set again, with two interchangeable looks (which I do not like, shorts again! and that two-layered skirt of the dress is a disaster in the making). I like the back of her dress, it looks interesting (but wait to see this in real life). Her accessories are not that good compared with what the other dolls have. The bracelet is Egyptian -styled.

2012 FR:Homme Collection: Item #91294 Strings Attached Perry Marino™ Dressed Fashion Figure FR:Homme™ Collection Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery Date: Early August 2012 

Perry Marino is Natalia Fatalé's ex husband in the long saga that is the Fashion Royalty storyline. He has been in there since the beginning way way back and emerged as a doll only now. He probably uses the Dracula sculpt (although the designers said it is a new one) but looks more like John Davidson than a fashion mogul. His pants are also way too tight for a man his age and status. I love Hommes but not this one.He sports a jacket and matching plaid vest over a contrast collar shirt (which is considered more formal) and lilac tie. He has tasselled loafers, a watch and ring.

**Please note that the photos are of prototype dolls and subject to changes and modifications. **All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2012 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.** 

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