Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tonner Dolls Spring 2012 mainline collection release: Precarious

On the 21st of March, the Tonner 2012 Mainline collection was release to the public. I think it is one of the strongest Tonner showings in ages (for fashion dolls) even though it does not include a single Tyler or Sydney to be seen! This first part is dedicated to their new fashion line, the very avant-garde fashion collection named Precarious™ .

Firs up is the Party Girl dressed doll. This is one of the most beautiful dressed dolls from Tonner in recent years. The face is the new Precarious™ head sculpt - all the dolls in this line have it. It is not a great sculpt, suffering from the classic Tonner problem: too wide. Their best sculpts usually are the narrow ones (like the old Daphne). I feel this line would have been perfect if it had such a sculpt to show. Her body is the Antoinette™ body, with the cameo skin tone. Her eyes are painted silver-blue and have applied eyelashes (another thing I love here - most Tonner dolls miss eyelashes sorely) They do look a it off though, I hope the production dolls have better lashes. Her hair is platinum rooted saran hair, pulled back in a high ponytail, secured with a loop of braided dark hair. And the fashion? Exquisite! A beaded neck brocade gown with eyelash chiffon skirt over silver stretch tights. I love this, very McQueen. She wears a crystal and pearl bracelet and silver faux leather platform shoes. A pair of earrings would have been nice. LE 300 dolls.

Next up is the Scandal Dressed doll, another favourite of mine. Again sporting the Precarious™ head sculpt and Antoinette™ body with cameo skin tone. Her eyes are painted light brown with applied eyelashes and she has black rooted saran hair piled up high on her head. She is wearing a black glitter/sparkle peplum jacket (all the rage this spring, structured like this or more flou) with beaded neck and cuffs and a sheer embroidered skirt with sequins. Her accessories are black and silver beaded earrings, rhinestone sewn on brooches, black sheer pantyhose and a pair of black sparkle heel-less shoes Lady Gaga would love. LE 300 dolls.

The Intriguing Dressed doll is the most outrageous of them all. Same Precarious™ head sculpt and Antoinette™ body nt the cameo skin tone. Her blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes match her eccentric Peacock blue rooted saran hair that look like a maharajah's turban with the jewel at the front. She is dressed in a sleeveless blue and gold lace full body cat suit under a blue rose embroidered net cape made of tulle. She sports a satin tie belt, blue crystal and gold earrings, a matching blue crystal and gold ring, beaded crystal and gold necklace and matching bracelet. Her blue suede shoes are heel-less pumps. She's amazing. If the coat was not tulle (but organza or chiffon) and she had another face I would get her in an instant. LE 300.

There is a basic doll included in the line, called Simply Precarious. She has of course the Precarious™ head sculpt with the Antoinette™ body in the cameo skin tone, painted blue eyes with applied eyelashes and black and white up-do saran wig - so no rooted hair here. She comes also with a  Real Red saran wig with long red hair and bangs, so two wigs included for this doll - instant look change! She is wearing a white lace front sleeveless top with pale pink bow over black tights and black platform wedge sandals. LE 500

Luckily there are some outfits to put on the basic doll as well: first up is the Swing Time outfit. Obviously it will also fit dolls as Cami & Jon™, Antoinette™ and of course the Precarious™ line it belongs to. It consists of a flame red jersey dress, a matching flame red sculpted hat, black tights and black strappy platform sandals. So very 80s in a 2012 way. I love the shoulder detail. LE 300

Second in line is the Decadence outfit. It is a painted cotton canvas dress with an attached lamé halter detail and the skirt is slit at the front. It fastens with a beige pink lamé belt with a rhinestone buckle. There are rhinestone earrings, painted cotton canvas gauntlets, beige pink sparkle tights and a pair of beige pink faux leather strappy platform shoes. Looks late 60s/early 70s but for the waist. I wonder how the gloves will stay put this way. LE 300. 

Last but not least is the best one: the Anything Goes outfit. only. Over a black jersey tank bodysuit and a pair of black faux leather "jeans" comes an incredible black burnout velvet cape with detachable crinkle yarn hood. I wish the whole cape was crinkle yarn, it would be perfection! There is a tie-on rhinestone necklace, a  jet bead belt, a pair of black gloves and black on black brocade zip boots. LE 300.

I think this is a great looking line with much potential. It is more focused fashion-wise then the rest of the fashion lines, as it has a more coherent look and feel. Hope to see more in the future.

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