Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tonner Spring 2012 Mainline release: DeAnna Denton & Peggy Harcourt

Third and final part of my presentation of the Tonner mainline Spring 2012 collection: the DeeAnna Denton line. Inspired by the romantic and glamorous world of vintage illustration art, the DeeAnna Denton™ Collection hearkens back to the vavavoom era of style. She does remind me of Joan from Mad Men, how she would have been in her younger years. DeeAnna also has a friend called Peggy Harcourt (whose sculpt I love more) and they both come with the curvaceous body.

Let's start with the basics: the DeeAnna Denton wigged basic doll has blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes and a removable auburn wig. She has the Tyler skin tone. Her outfit: a navy swimsuit with white trim and navy plastic molded sandals. LE 500.

Of course there's a basic Peggy Harcourt wigged doll as well! She too has blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes and a removable platinum wig. She has the Tyler skin tone woo. Her outfit is a black body suit with a black satin half slip and black plastic molded sandals. LE 500. I want her! She looks like a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Heyworth!

Now the dressed dolls: I love DeeAnna dressed doll has blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes and  rooted platinum curly hair. She wears a pale lilac "dotted swiss" dress with white lace trim over a white net crinoline and sheer pantyhose with attached panties. Accessories include a faux pearl necklace,  faux pearl earrings, sheer white short gloves with lace trim and a pair of  lilac and white strappy high heel sandals. No bag, which looks weird with 50s outfits. LE 300.

The second dressed doll is called Lunch On Park. Here DeeAnna has brown painted eyes with applied eyelashes and rooted copper hair with side-swept bangs (they do not look promising). She wears a black twill suit jacket with light brown faux fur trim, golden buttons and a mauve satin ribbon. The suit has a black twill pencil skirt. Her accessories are AB rhinestone earrings, AB rhinestone bracelet, a black twill hat with light brown faux fur trim, mauve elbow length gloves, sheer pantyhose and a pair of mauve faux leather high heel pumps.Wonder why they do not include a bag. LE 300.

The outfits are even better: First one is DeeAnna's New Look outfit. A one piece dress with black taffeta bodice and net skirt with glitter firework pattern. It fastens with a black taffeta belt with rhinestone buckle. There are matching rhinestone earrings and black satin sling back, peep toe shoes. A bag is sorely missed. LE 200. The outfit looks great though.

Next up is the Red Hot DeeAnna outfit. A va-va-voom sexy red matte taffeta fitted dress with portrait neckline and three quarter sleeves, it comes accessorized with leopard print gloves and a leopard print wrap.  Red, black and gold bead earrings and a matching necklace are included. Final touch: the leopard print high heel pumps. Again no bag. LE 200.

The third outfit is called Banker's Ball. This is an ivory tissue taffeta and net waltz length gown with embroidery trim and a white net crinoline. It has a flower detail on the shoulder, like a corsage. Included are black gloves, a faux pearl bracelet and black faux leather peep toe shoes. Not even a clutch here.LE 200.

Fourth and final outfit is called On The Rocks. It includes a fuchsia tissue taffeta fitted, sleeveless jumpsuit worn with a printed leopard hostess coat with a big white organza ruffled collar and cuffs. It comes with fuchsia satin peep toe mules. Not very classy. LE 200.

Oh here's the bag! The Glamour Set Accessory is sold separately from the fashions and included a lamé scarf, a faux leather brown handbag with golden trim (which does not match any of the outfits), a pair of pink sunglasses (which would look good only with the last outfit and maybe on a younger gal) and a  pack of faux gum. I would have ditched the gum and included a long cigarette holder with a cigarette attached to it. The line also has two lovely wigs: the Suzanne which is a red/brown wig (Suzanne Hayward comes to mind), and the Bettie which is a raven wig with bangs (Bettie Page indeed).

Overall the line looks good although the omission of a bag with every outfit is a serious mistake. I would love to have the Peggy Harcourt basic doll, the New Look outfit and the two wigs. Wonder if this body fits the Marilyn Monroe and Elisabeth Taylor outfits from Franklin Mint.


  1. As far as the Glamour Set Accessory, DeeAnna *is* a chewing gum heiress. And cigarette smoking has become one of the seven deadly sins over here.

  2. Ha! I did not remember that! Thanks, that explains the pack!

  3. Hi, the Peggy doll is indeed very beautiful - I got mine in the mail and had posted pictures on my blog too! Check it out and see for yourself, it's really really gorgeous!