Sunday, September 30, 2012

Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention 2012: Fashion Paradise

Guests who arrived late to the convention were able to register and enter their fabulous competition dolls during Friday morning. If guests did not have a workshop to attend in the morning, they could always get into the queue for the new "Style Lab". Everyone wanted to see which characters were available in this breakout event. Attendees could also visit the raffle room, museum and the Integrity souvenir shop.

The Friday luncheon is one of collectors' most anticipated events since it always features the ever popular Poppy Parker doll. Poppy Parker was the centrepiece doll, Sea Breeze, sporting a holiday look. Inflatable chairs, that were the perfect size for travel dolls to enjoy by the pool, were also waiting for each attendee.

Item #PP045
Sea Breeze
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece

Poppy is wearing a really nice outfit here, and she looks really great, although the crease-only eye shadow looks a bit weird at first. She has a more grown up look and I like it.

That was not all of course. Integrity announced a new Poppy friend:  her name is Loni Lawrence. She has the Holly Golightly sculpt and Poppy body. Each guest was given the first Loni doll as a gift at this event.

Item #PP044
Lemon Crush
Loni Lawrence Basic Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Giveaway

She looks much better than any Holly doll, partly due to the make up, partly due to the lovely hair. Cute little bathing suit (?)

During this event, the designer David Buttry talked to attendees about the new 2013 Poppy Parker collection. The theme for this collection will be the "1964 New York World's Fair" and the dolls will be presented next year. Guests who had already attended the Style Lab were showing their newly created dolls to friends and other attendees. With 14 different dolls (both male and female, all tanned) and lots of colourful outfits to mix and match, everyone came away happy with their new creations. Plus, attendees could take advantage of learning a few tips and tricks for styling and posing their dolls from David Buttry and his team of volunteers.

Guests who attended workshops during the morning came out with new skills and information that they would be able to use with their doll collection! The workshop kits were a huge hit once again this year. The edition size was increased for each workshop doll and so, most guests were able to purchase one. After the Poppy luncheon, there were more workshops to attend and guests could visit the museum, the Integrity sales-room  the raffle room and the competition room. .

In the next post, the Friday evening event.

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