Sunday, September 30, 2012

Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention 2012: W Club luncheon

Saturday morning: a few more workshops to attend, the Souvenir Shop to visit for those last minute items, the raffle room with all of the fabulous goodies available, the museum and the Style Lab to do some incredible creating. And let's not forget the always popular competition room. Guests could view all of the entries made by their fellow attendees and vote on which doll they liked the best. But, everyone would have to wait until the final gala event to find out which entry won.

One of the perks of being a W Club member is being able to attend the popular W Club luncheon that takes place during the Integrity Convention. W Club members had already been given a clue that a very special collector favourite character would be making her appearance at the luncheon and no one would want to miss out on this surprise. It was an FR2 centrepiece doll, none other than...Elise Jolie! Each member also found a beautiful FR2 shoe pack as their thank you gift for attending at each place setting.

Item #57024
Elise Jolie™  
FR: Squared Dressed Doll
2012 Troplicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece  

I love this one! Elegant and ethereal, she would look great on any couture catwalk - again no tropical connection for me here (which is not necessarily bad). With the right posing, she will look amazing. The FR2 shoe pack again was really a great gift as shoes matching these ladies are hard to find.

Then it was the turn of Carol Roth and Chris Stoeckel to unveil the mystery doll to the members and everyone was thrilled to see that it was Victoire Roux. Keeping to the theme of the convention (someone should tell them that Saint Tropez is far from tropical though), Victoire sports a golden tan and wears a cute lavender fashion. All W Club Luncheon attendees were not only able to purchase the Elise Jolie doll, her being a centrepiece, but they could purchase Victoire.

Item # 76006
Saint Tropez
Victoire Roux Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive

Members were also given a sneak peek at the latest collection that Integrity Toys will be offering to collectors from the movies! Funny Face is the latest classic movie that Integrity is bringing to plastic! Photos and information will be coming soon! Good news there (not for my wallet) - after the success of Sabrina, the Funny Face is a natural sequel to the Audrey theme.

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