Sunday, September 30, 2012

Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention 2012: 16 at 1600 Tea Party

Friday afternoon: The "16 at 1600 Tea Party" was held at the hotel's Cascade American Bistro for fans of Integrity Toys' 16 inch dolls. The Cascade American Bistro was the perfect location for this event with its waterfall, 35 foot mermaid fountain and the cooling trees of the atrium. This breakout event was for collectors to get together with friends, show off their favourite 16 inch dolls and just have fun. Guests were able to chat with the Integrity Design Team and find out more about the 16 inch collections. On each table was the beautiful FR:16 Elsa, "Sheen Siren", as the centrepiece doll. Once again, each guest had the chance to purchase this beauty which was raffled to them.

Item #78006
Sheen Siren

Elsa Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece Doll  

This one does not look like she is following the tropical/holiday theme at all. Instead she looks very urban and sophisticated. And to me she looks like a dead ringer for Veronique. Only larger! I would love to own one of these beauties.

Each table not only had the 16 inch centrepiece doll displayed on it, but everyone found a gift that was designed just for their 16 inch dolls. Guests received a FR:16 shoe pack to add to their big girls' accessories.   How very useful, as shoes for these beauties are not always easy to find! There were three pairs in the pack, each with their own lovely box. They look great and I wish I had them for my Avant Guard dolls.

During the day, guests were able to attend the new "Color Infusion: Style Lab", as mentioned in my previous post, to create their own dolls from a huge assortment of dolls, fashions and accessory packs. Here are some photos of just a few of the different dolls and fashions available for the "guest designers" to choose from. 

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