Sunday, September 30, 2012

Integrity Tropicalia Convention 2012: Welcome to Paradise

This year, Integrity Toys held the annual convention in Orlando, Florida, 27-30/9/2012. The theme was "Tropicalia" so it kind of matched the location - Florida is as tropical as one can get in the US I think! Guests who arrived early at the hotel could take part in the "Welcome Cocktail By the Pool" party on Wednesday evening. It was a chance to get the party started early and meet up with friends, old and new. Everyone had a great time, anxious for Thursday and the official start of the convention to arrive.

While the Integrity Team was busy working on the finishing touches Thursday morning, more convention attendees began arriving at the hotel. At registration, each guest received a welcome swag bag that contained a welcome envelope, a pair of shoes for their dolls, and a complimentary DOLLS Magazine. As a special surprise, guests received a Fashion Royalty doll box with a gorgeous fashion and accessories as part of the swag. What other surprises does Integrity have in store for the convention attendees?

Following registration, guests started to queue up for the Integrity sales-room  Guests could also take the opportunity to visit the Museum, the raffle room and enter their competition entries. The Thursday night event started with a meet and mingle get together before the ballroom doors opened. As the doors opened for the first official event on Thursday night, guests walked into a ballroom that was absolutely "tropical"! The theme for this event was "Welcome to Paradise" and the "hostess with the mostess" of the event was none other than...Agnes Von Weiss!

Item #91305
Force of Nature
Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece  

Agnes is tan, as most ladies in the convention are (in tune with the theme of course) and is wearing a flowing turquoise dress with tan and gold accessories. She is lovely (and only the 2nd tan Agnes ever) but she reminds me of a toned down Miami Glow Vanessa. Intriguing shoes though.
Each attendee also was given the beautiful "Wrap-ture" Anja doll as another gift at this event. So whereas Agnes was a centrepiece and was raffled to the attendees (one per table of ten), Anja was a gift to all. 

Item #91306
Anja™ Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Giveaway 

Anja looks more like Veronique here than before.I am not a fan of crinkled hair but I like her lip colour and the shoes and dress look great.

Three of the special limited edition hair colour variations of one of the IFDC dolls were raffled off at Thursday's event.! The dolls have an edition size of only of nine dolls and three dolls per day were raffled on stage. Apart from that, attendees were treated to a very special "Jem and The Holograms" presentation and the next dolls in this collection were unveiled. Not only were attendees given this first sneak peek at the new dolls, but everyone was given a very special set of Jem ear phones (below). Guests also received a pair of doll-sized beach chairs as part of their swag too.

So the convention was off to a special start and I am sure it made attendees excited for the dolls to come in the following days.

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