Sunday, September 30, 2012

Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention 2012: Final event - convention doll reveal

The Saturday night ballroom looked spectacular as guests entered for the final event of the Tropicalia convention. Anticipation was high as to who the official convention doll would be. But first there was another lovely surprise. The centrepiece doll was none other than Eugenia Perrin Frost in "High Profile". If guests had not purchased any of the other centrepiece dolls offered during the convention, they definitely wanted Eugenia to add to their collection.

Item #91307
High Profile
Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centrepiece 

I do not like the dress (lovely shoes though) but the doll is to die for. One of the most beautiful Eugenias to be released. I guess tan skin looks good on Eugenia, and her make up is perfect, as are her hair. I guess she will become another holy grail doll.

Attendees were surprised by a new updated version of Vanessa as an additional gift (who wouldn't love Vanessa as a gift?). This Vanessa looks very much like the original sculpt: open mouthed again. The photos below of High Point Vanessa have her modelling the fashion that guests were given on Thursday at registration. I guess she was given either nude or in a swimsuit. Now I wonder what her previous sculpt will be used as. She now reminds me a lot of Nicole Kidman in all her botoxed glory.

Raffle prizes were handed out and one lucky attendee each won the exclusive OOAK Fashion Royalty and OOAK 16 inch doll. After yet another fabulous meal, the moment that all had been waiting for had arrived. Most members had been guessing that Agnes would be the convention doll since it was her party, after all. But, it was Imogen who took the honours this year! Guests were thrilled to receive a fabulous gift set as this year's convention doll. The gift set is called "Fame by Frame" and was a wonderful mix and match set.

Item #82047
Fame by Frame
Imogen Dressed Doll Welcome Kit Gift Set 
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive       

Another fabulous doll, the best Imogen ever in my opinion. I like her various outfits too, my favourite being the slashed red mini dress. Her accessories are lovely too but since it is a gift set  she should have another pair of shoes and a clutch bag as well. Plus as a convention doll I would have expected more glamorous jewellery.

Alain Trembley of Integrity Toys had one more surprise for all of the guests. He announced the location of the 2013 Integrity Toys convention: mark your calendars for the fall of 2013, October 31st to November 2nd, at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Next year will be the 10th convention that Integrity Toys has presented, so this convention will be a very special event. More information about how to register will be announced in the Spring of 2013. 

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